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Villager: Atriena

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ID: #117252

Name: Atriena

Gender: Female

Location: Tigereye Peak

Born 6 years, 1 month ago

Career: Cook

Owner: Grillby

Species: Canine

Color: Collie


House: FurCoin House

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Approved: 27 Sep 2016, 7:42 pm

Likes: 110 ♥

Tags: canine dog australian shepherd automail prosthetic violetpool bartender

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"Darling, let me tell you, my bark is definitely backed by my bite"

The relaxed chattering of remaining patrons filled the bar. Only a few of the regulars remained, busy in a game of cards.. It was a quiet evening. The stools at the bar were unoccupied after she had gently insisted one of her regulars go home. It wasn't the first time someone had slumped their head on her counter and fallen asleep; and surely wouldn't be the last. Absently watching the snow drifting outside the windows; Atriena continued cleaning the glass in her paws with a white rag. Satisfied with the glass; she placed it on a shelf under the counter before grabbing another to polish until pristine. As pleasant as the quiet was; the damsel couldn't help but silently wish for a bit of action to make her evening a little less dull.


Full Name:, Atriena Shae Fidlium
Age: 25 yrs.
Ref Images: x
D.O.B.: July 9th
Orientation: Pansexual
Species: Canine
Breed: Australian Shepherd
Lineage: Trina & Artimus Fidlium
Whelps: None
Occupation: Owner of Chill Out
Vocals: Mae West
Themes: Hit and Run (LOLO), Secret (The Piercers)

Atriena was born and raised in the small town of Pawsivile, south of Olde Foxbury. With a family made of old money, she enjoyed some of the finer things in life, but money couldn't sate her appetite for adventure. The canine yearned for the rush of danger. Partaking in all sorts of underground jobs gave her the thrill she desired. The risky hobbies came with a price and in a accident she lost a arm. Her family was able to get a skilled artisan to create her a metal prosthetic to replace what was lost.

Unwilling to be vulnerable; she relocated to Tigereye Peak and trained within the warrior ranks. Taking some of her families money, she set up a small pub called Chill Out. Over the years her establishment grew to be successful; solidifying her place within the town. When dealing with unruly patrons grows dull, she still finds herself delving into her thrill seeking ways.


Friends gathered through rp go here


Seems Chill Out is open. Maybe you should drop by?

Always up for roleplay.
Pantie by Violetpool , Old pantie by me
Original CSS by @cro
Featured art by Vely, iiyell, INTJay-Birb0724 & hide-n-seek-kyoto

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    • Congratulations! She's lookin pretty good if I do say so myself!

    • (your new CSS is amazing and lovely new art up in your profile box!!)

      He turned his attention back to her and for just a moment in time he looked disoriented, some of the mirror-like sheen of his eyes dropping to a murky brown like mud. In a blink they were back to standard and his apathetic-seeming smile returned. "Wouldn't do to have you gone from your home too long. Places need people to remember them."

      He stood and gathered himself, brushing off his fur before looking around one more time. "Thank you for inviting me in, I will remember this."

    • "It sounds as if your establishment is quite the hot spot in open hours, it perhaps may be a little too infused with life for my tastes but maybe one day I will drop by and witness it firsthand. Thank you for the invitation, it is very kind of you to offer."

      He hadn't attended a gathering first-hand in so long it was mildly anxiety inducing to consider it, not that it showed, and even still anxiety itself felt like a foreign concept at this moment. He used to pick-pocket in bars much rowdier than this classy establishment, but that was a long, long time ago.

      "I think it time I retire. You surely have many things to attend to with such a fine establishment as this." He looked back at the windows, he did so like those windows.

    • "Did you not ask of their prior qualifications before hiring? I suppose in some positions attitude and chemistry with the clientele is more important. You can always train them on the job."

      He looked around and imagined the place filled with other people, he might need to see it himself sometime. Or send someone else to see it for him.

    • He slipped onto one of the stools with weightless effort and carefully kept his paws off the bar so she wouldn't have to clean it further, instead resting them on his lap where his tail curled loosely. He listened with rapt attention, ears pointed towards her.

      He smiled slightly, "What are they like, your new hires?"

    • He glanced back at her his whiskers drooping faintly, "I am sorry, but it brought you here, and it is behind you now." He left the blue light to come toward the bar, considering the bright collection of glass bottles behind it.

      "And here you have a way to offer solace and a grounding place for travelers still on their journey, it's a good place. But it seems you have some wandering left inside of you to have gone so far to meet me."

      He smiled, forcing his whiskers back up. "Congregation points such as this are prone to adventures too. Do you have any interesting regulars?"

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