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Villager: Nove



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ID: #122583

Name: Nove

Gender: Male

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 5 years, 6 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Media

Feast Points: 0 (52 All-Time)

Genus: Shifty

Species: Robot

Color: Canine

Costume: Galaxy


House: Tigereye Peak House (1/50)

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Approved: 7 Sep 2018, 3:46 pm

Likes: 47 ♥

Tags: canine smile robot suit dapper smirk jerk android bowtie neon blue british media

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Nove is infected with Zombipathy. Eating brains relieves symptoms for a time, but comes with memories of the brain's former life. Your doctor recommends adding hot sauce for extra flavor, but a Golden Apple a day will send the Zombipathy away.

Nove looks stunning!

Nove's very special treasure!



Age: 21 (or is programmed to be)

Height: 5'7

Weight: 285lbs



Personality:(haha, my personality description was written by an idiot... please hold while I fix things :-] )

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by me

by @Inkie

by @Saltyredbird

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Comments 69

    • "What exactly are you referring to? being blunt, trying to be more approachable or masking ones true voice? either way, common ground is a wonderful thing, makes finding TOYS and friends much easier." The pitch of her voice dropped momentarily, causing her to raise her wings up to her face and cough.

    • "really? that good i have been trying real hard, even temporarily purging my growly voice." a wide smile returned to her face.
      "If i were to actually insult you it would be bluntly clear as i hate BEATING around the metaphorical bush," a slight growl entered her voice one she mentioned beating.

    • "What even made you think that was a joke?" She tilted her head to the side at an unnatural angle.
      What part of her previous statement seemed like a joke? was it her tone? her tail swished slightly.
      "Yeah, I get that a lot, I am trying not to be." she added casually, failing to realize that her new action could be considered creepy.

    • "it's nice to see you again too, now that you aren't shorting out like last time." She gave a slight snort and grinned somewhat strangely.

    • "it has been a while, hasn't it? are your circuits functioning properly yet?"

    • "uh...Ew, yourself"

    • "Not always, no. Ran in to a rather rowdy monster a bit ago and as you can see, I don't have my equipment with me. It knocked me about a bit." Zatarin lifted his right paw up to his mane and dug his claws through the fur as if an attempt to brush it. It wasn't helping. "I beat it, though. Not that it matters. I just happened to spot you on my way to...Wherever it is I was going, thought I would say hello. Even though I find you mildly agitating from our first encounter a while back." Zatarin lowered his paw now and his ears flattened against his fur. He had a frown on his face for a moment but then his frown became a slight grin.

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