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Villager: Mad Dog



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ID: #130309

Name: Mad Dog

Gender: Male

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 5 years, 6 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Omelette

Species: Canine

Color: Collie


House: Olde Foxbury House (60/60)

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Approved: 18 Jul 2016, 5:10 pm

Likes: 256 ♥

Tags: dog mafia doberman doggo mobster mob boss

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Mad Dog looks stunning!

Mad Dog's very special treasure!




Vincent Federici is not a guy to be messing with, no siree. They call him "Mad Dog" for a reason. Those who end up on his bad side, well, they ain't ever heard of again, see? He is involved in crime big time around these parts. You name it, he's probably done it. There's no way you wanna mess with a top dog like Vinny here. His bite is definitely worse than his bark and his bark is pretty bad.

Things To Keep In Mind:
- Don't speak unless spoken to
- Watch your tongue
- Don't mess with the Federici family
- You refer to him as Mad Dog or MD
- Don't get smart
- Compliment him always
- Don't get on his bad side

Paintie By: Vana

Comments 64

    • *Omnia offered a polite nod, a small smirk on her face knowing that even is she did something stupid he'd never find or recognize her next he saw her* good evening 'Mad Dog'

    • Vito tips his hat in a polite way. (no matter how many times i see this paintie it will still be one of my favorites haha)

    • H-hi.. m-mad dog..
      I drew you!! T7MwhZS.png
      I-I hope you like it~
      I also have this one! Ksc6fo5.png

    • "Gotta say, there are a lot of criminals here in Furvilla...Good to know I'm not the only one." She smiled. "Nice pet dog~"

      //I just understood I've never commented here oml Mad Dog looks so cool! :0

    • "Oh! Mafia Dog! MAFIA DOG! That's so cool! Mafia Dog with a pet dog!" the small fish-like cat cheers as it swims excitedly around in the air.

      (Very cool :D Furvilla needs more Crime bosses)

    • ...

      You know what...

      I'm not even going to bother with you anymore.

    • You...

      You killed them all, and you don't even remember who you murdered!?

      At least I remember who I kill! Stupid dogs...

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