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Villager: Nanuq



Villager Info

ID: #147687

Name: Nanuq

Gender: Male

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 5 years, 5 months ago

Career: Cook

Owner: Nhotemau

Feast Points: 70 (4586 All-Time)

Species: Lizard

Color: Tegu


House: Quetzal Palace House (51/115)

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Nanuq looks stunning!

Nanuq's very special treasures!


Nicknames: Nook.
Personality: Beautiful, inside and out.
Gender: Male.
Accent: Celestial.
Quirks: Tends to fidget a lot.
Species: Angel.
Age: Not important.
Orientation: Straight.
Significant Others: His team; Nova and Oxford. Good friend Kunama. And his pet Niamh.
Enemies: Never.
Possessions: Apart from his items of clothing. He likes to collect unusual feathers.
Skills: Beautiful craftsmanship, divine magic.
Career: Crafter; as he prefers to be called!
Weaknesses: Any kind of black magic.
Likes: Feathers, wings, jewellery, crystals, the sky, clouds, stars, food.
Dislikes: Evil, negative energy, black souls, haunted spaces.
History: Nanuq started out life as an innocent little Leopard Gecko, he was a best friend, a son and the whole world to a very lonely and sad little girl. But one day he got very sick and died sadly, leaving the girl bereft and broken. He now transcends as an angel, to keep watch over all the sad, lonely, forgotten and broken souls.
I will always remember you, I will always remember the light you brought into my life, I'll always remember I've never felt like that nor will do again.
Made in memory of my own Nanook <3

A transcript of a conversation between himself and Kunama.
Nanuq and his team mates are working on a building, the shell of which they are currently inside. Kunama wanders through, looking for Nanuq. The tentacles of her dress get caught and pull something down, Kunama whirls round to see Nanuq, giving an apologetic smile.
Kunama: "Oh! I'm so sorry Nanuq! Bad tentacles!" *Slaps tentacles jokingly.*
Nanuq: "No harm done. Whats the occasion?"
Kunama: "Do I need a reason to visit my best friend?!"
Nanuq: "I guess not!" *Smirking.*
Kunama: "Do you want to get lunch?"
Nanuq: "Sure! I finish for lunch in about an hour, I'll meet you."
Kunama: "Great!" *Smiling sweetly.*
Oxford is wandering through, she smiles, waves and says hi to Kunama, Kunama frowns.

Nanuq: "What's wrong?"
Kunama: "Oh nothing...I guess I just get a bit jealous is all."
Nanuq: "Jealous?! Of what?"
Kunama: "Your work."
Nanuq: "I don't think being a crafter would really be your thing...would it?"
Kunama: "Not your job! Your team! They get to spend all day with you...and...and I get...lunch." *Looking miserable.*
Nanuq: "We can get dinner instead?" *Looking thoroughly perplexed.*
Kunama: "Look...all I'm saying is I don't see you all that much. I'll meet you at lunchtime ok?" *Stalks off, visibly frustrated.*
Oxford: "You really need to get a clue pal!"
Nanuq looks at her worriedly, shrugs and returns to his work.


6106-the-perfect-sand-dollar.png The sand dollar is a present from Kunama6106-the-perfect-sand-dollar.png


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    • Heyyyy. -waves awkwardly-

    • Not my fault I swear! Temmie needs to buy me a better durability! I bring you wood though! :D

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