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Villager: Reeva

Villager Info

ID: #202673

Name: Reeva

Gender: Female

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 5 years, 1 month ago

Career: Warrior

Owner: TavixTheDragon

Feast Points: 0 (3250 All-Time)

Species: Saggitari

Color: Quagga

Costume: Warrior


House: Olde Foxbury House (1/250)

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Reeva looks stunning!

Reeva's very special treasures!


Reeva is a ferocious warrior!

...well not exactly.

Reeva strives her best to protect her family and friends from harmful monster. When she's not battling some baddies you can probably find her in one of the many meadows outside of town. She's pretty shy and quiet when it comes to new people but don't let her shyness think she doesn't want to be friends!

Reeva loves nothing more than spending her free time hanging out with friends, drinking tea, and taking walking through the forests. You may also find her practicing with the guard captain, Raine or sneaking Tavix some more magical plushes for his hoard!

Feel free to stop by and say hello!


Comments 50

    • Oh my gosh, hey there Tavix! You almost beat me that time, but I think I'm starting to get the hang of this PVP thing. This is my first tournament too. <3

    • Your very welcome, i love to merge bases, so it was no problem.

    • I know i spelled your name wrong in this png but here
      let me know if you want anything else. you seemed pretty upset that saggitaris didnt get a costume so i tried to make a warrior base just for you <3

    • I have supprise for u, but it not done yet :3

    • A most excellent fight! Though I suspect I simply got very very lucky, I am honored to have stood against you in battle!

    • Ah yeah, I have an int build for PVP. Not good for PvE. And I usually end up against a mimic or wasteland wielder when I go in PvE with my PVP build by accident, so thats always fun

    • I've never done that but I have forgotten to switch to PvE after Pvp, and once after PvE i forgot to heal and jumped into battle with a whopping 130 HP.

      i died.

    • Oooh yes, it was because I was faster. it felt like something was different, usually you are faster than I am

    • Ahhhh oh my god :OOO Uranium actually beat you, I know I vowed I would defeat you one day but i DIDNT ACTUALLY THINK IT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN

      Im honestly super happy right now, that was a great battle, I was sure i was gonna die

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