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Villager: Shinkansen 新幹線

Villager Info

ID: #234869

Name: Shinkansen 新幹線

Gender: Iron

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 4 years, 8 months ago

Career: Construction Worker

Owner: TheRareKitty

Feast Points: 0 (8 All-Time)

Genus: Shifty

Color: Midnight


House: House has been destroyed.

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Shinkansen 新幹線 no longer has a house! They will be unable to work. Please replace the house or move Shinkansen 新幹線 into a FC slot.

Shinkansen 新幹線 looks stunning!


Her station is currently holding
visitors !!

arrow_left_by_drawn_mario-d7yqvjz.gifShinkansen (新幹線)arrow_right_by_drawn_mario-d7yqvvu.gif

Shinkan changes color scheme based on her emotions.

tinytinyred_by_my_world_is_split-dbf38hh Anger
tinytinympink_by_my_world_is_split-dbf3j Love
tinytinybluepurple_by_my_world_is_split- Jealousy
tinytinyblack__f2u__by_my_world_is_split Lost/depressed/confused
tinytinylgreen_by_my_world_is_split-dbf3 Happy
tinytinyblue_by_my_world_is_split-dbf332 Sad
tinytinydgray_by_my_world_is_split-dbf39 Scared

Stuff I'll be adding!!


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