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Villager: Pacifica

The Destroyer


Villager Info

ID: #240828

Name: Pacifica

Gender: Female

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 4 years, 7 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Silverpelt60

Feast Points: 0 (5 All-Time)

Species: Corvid

Color: Magpie


House: Dragonsmaw Manor House (1/250)

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Approved: 8 Nov 2018, 6:47 pm

Likes: 12 ♥

Tags: pink bird blue purple yellow green red vaporwave gradient aqua shon2 sfv

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Pacifica is infected with Zombipathy. Eating brains relieves symptoms for a time, but comes with memories of the brain's former life. Your doctor recommends adding hot sauce for extra flavor, but a Golden Apple a day will send the Zombipathy away.

Pacifica's very special treasures!


"Though he's a kind and cheery optimist, I'm a rude and grumpy pessimist, and we both seem as different as can be, Blue and I are similar in a way. He loves Rain, and although she hasn't outright denied him-Blue likes to say she's just unaware of it-him not being able to express his emotions to her takes a toll on him. And as for I, well... I don't know if it can really be called love, but I still have... feelings, for Cassie. We even used to go on dates together, even though I was loathe to call them that, and however reluctant I seemed to be when going on them, I actually enjoyed them. A lot. I think pushed her away too much, or was not outright appreciative of her enough, because now I know she wasn't happy. She... changed, to make herself happier. And it worked. And seeing her with that boyfriend of hers... it hurts me."

This villager exists solely for the purpose of dumping story fragments into her bio.

Saggitaris=1 :2
Silverpelt+Gryphon+Fear Guy=3 :2
Serpent Dragon (maybe)=1 :2
(For next round: Silverpelt, Saggitari, Serpent Dragon (3), Nox (4), Demonic Cult Cat (5), Pixel (Neon Glitch Kitty) (6), Rain's Dad (7), Yellis (8), Swallowtail Rabbit (9), Hyena Robot (10)!
Extra Five: Gryphon, Fear Guy, ???, ???, and ???!
Scythe Possom Kenzui
Phantom Gator

Excess: Embyan

Already have villagers for:
Need to commission for:
Gryphon, fear guy, Dog, Pixel, Cult Cat, need to buy Swallowtail

5650-1000 (Wickerbeast)-2050 (GB plush)-1750 (paintie ticket 10pack)-800 (BRGB paintie)=50

5500-2050 (GB plush)-1750 (paintie 10pack)-1000 (protogen paintie)=700

Spending FD on: Gembounds, Fursonas

Village Relationships to build on: Fern, Boba, Starscape Child, The Guardian, Blep, Sloof, Desolate, Shoma, OWO, Iris, Etavius, Freya, Darius, (and the Gators as a whole but whatever)

Icons: http://www.furvilla.com/forums/thread/94423-pwyw-icons
& http://www.furvilla.com/forums/thread/85873-snows-icon-shop-full
For some reason, Starscape Child is very attracted to cats. They have not said why, just that if they were to ever get into a relationship, their preferred partner would be a cat
Aaah I love it so much! Everything was basically spot on, you captured their personalities perfectly! Thank you! ^^ I'll just post another order, this one a joint order, if that's alright with you. :3

Characters: Fade the Neolite and Zaden!
Scenario: Fade has decided to help Zaden with her deliveries, so this is the first one they're doing together!
Preferred POV: 3rd Person
Anything else I should know/font preference?: Fade is a huge teddy bear who's afraid of hurting others, but will definitely fight for Zaden. Also, since this is a joint order, wait until Pretty-Pink-Princess looks over my form and adds what they want to the scenario or anything else, like something specific that might happen on their trip or something, before starting on the story.
Posting this ambiguous blurb before I start on my next Creepypasta that's actually good-ish


All things die in time.

Whether it be the mighty Imperial to the smallest Fae, a meager bug or the mighty Deities that rule Sorneith, everything must go eventually. At the time, he may have seemed immortal, unable to be defeated for longer than a day. That smile, those eyes, always back and able to mock and scheme another day. Eventually, they were no longer cast aside. The original owner had given up-they thought there was just no deadeating him. Their cry for help would go unheard, and he would reign supreme.

Well, or at least that's what he thought.

Even monsters need to eat, and no matter how strong of a monster he was, that simple fact would remain true. He could drain the stores, feast on the rotting flesh of his victims, and pick off the parts of substance from their scales which he had placed in the inventory, but that could not last forever. He realized too late that his pointless slaughter had left him in an empty lair with nothing to save him.

Dying of starvation, the dragon wondered how he could escape his inevitable demise. He could return to where it all had started, the coliseum battlegrounds, but he had the uncanny feeling that the dragons there wouldn't be all too pleased to see him. He could try to live off of whatever remained in the inventory until someone finally found him, but he knew they would eventually realize him for what he was. Plus, there was always that nagging voice in the back of his head that egged him on to slaughter and genocide, and he doubted he could ignore it for as long as it would take him to recover, and once he attacked he would immediately be overpowered.
Hey there! Some time ago, you bought the bases for a species known as Reflections from this thread. As the original owner of the species seems to have left FurVilla, but they do allow adopts to be made and sold by others, I was wondering if you would make a couple adopts for me! One would have all the mutations, while the other two would have actual edits to the base. I'm willing to pay a lot of FC because I love this species so much, so please tell me if you're interested!

Relationship Status: None
Guardian angel of Cassie, Pacifica often saves the dutch angel dragon from trouble. Watching her friend from the sky, for the magpie has terrific eyesight, she will come to her friend's aid when danger strikes and lead them to safety. For this reason, she is often smug and holds her head high. She is short-tempered, and can be quite a nuisance when she has a grudge on someone. Pacifica states that she is asexual, and has said many times that she doesn't want a partner. However, she has been known to go on 'friendly dates' with others, most notably with Cassie, though the magpie claims it's only because the dragon would pay for it. However, after Cassie fell in love with another Dutch Angel Dragon, the two kept their interactions brief and only hung out during their explorations. But even then, Pacifica was too high in the sky for them to talk. She is very vain, and loves to look at herself in a mirror. Surprisingly, she has made friends with Galaxy Kritter.

female // asexual(?) // she/her pronouns

By 500, there is 1. By 775, there is 2.
Cari, Kaleo, Piko, Shroomy, Pastel

All comments from Pacifica will be in character unless stated otherwise!

Kuzu, Zikomo, Silverpelt, Aquaticat, Ooze Cat, Neolite???, Cloud Dragon,

Username: Silverpelt60
Type: Signafur
Subject: My villager Thyroid!
Reference(s): Villager profile
Details: Would it be possible to make him look cutesy? He is a pretty intimidating villager, but I would love to get an adorable signafur of him. Maybe make the scratchy white lines that make up his eyes and face just whole white lines instead, so it's not as creepy? I'd also love it if you had him chewing on a tattered bone plushie! All and all, anything to make him more presentable works. ^^
Payment: 1.5 million FC

Also, question-- would a signafur of my villager Reiko be considered a regular or complex one?

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