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Villager: Neovi

Villager Info

ID: #247893

Name: Neovi

Location: Tigereye Peak

Born 4 years, 6 months ago

Career: None

Owner: Mindscape

Genus: Shifty

Species: Fuwachii

Color: Violet Petal


House: Tigereye Peak House (250/250)

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Neovi tends to be very persuasive. His fur smells of violets and feels soft, and his gaze is both enchanting and soothing. Despite having common attributes, Neovi’s fur sometimes can look as if it were shaped with petals, which is how he got his nickname of Violet Petal. He is often confused for a girl, much to his dismay.

He usually likes to wander at night, or in dimly lit forests, or underground cities. He was once part of a tribe of nocturnal Fuwachii that had an extremely low population. Nocturnal Fuwachii fur is dark in color, however, they have glowing markings which make them stand out in the darkness. Like the other nocturnal Fuwachii, Neovi decorates his hideouts and marks his territory with tribal art drawn in glowing paint. These drawings can be found in caves, on the sides of buildings, or even drawn on trees.

His adventures have led him to the same city where Soverign resides, resulting in a chance encounter with the royal Fuwachii one night. Neovi's floral scent seems to draw Sovereign to his hideout on a near daily basis,
and the nocturnal Fuwachii enjoys tormenting Sovereign about his prim and proper attitude. In turn, Neovi often finds himself getting a lecture. The two seem to get along, though, despite their differences, and can often be found traveling together.

Unlike Sovereign, who was trained to fight with his magical energy by Paladins and Mages, Neovi's magical energy is wild and harder to control. His survival instincts are to flee and hide, so he prefers to avoid conflicts if at all possible.


Fuwachii species and Neovi's design drawn by Snouken!
Fuwachii are a closed species, please do not create your own.

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