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Villager: The Jingle Girls

Jingle Girl Holly II


Villager Info

ID: #267229

Name: The Jingle Girls

Gender: Unspecified

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 4 years, 1 month ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: veemo

Genus: Shifty

Species: Mini-pet Horde

Color: Snow Festival


House: Olde Foxbury House (87/87)

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//The Jingle Girls//???//(they/them)//not very tall//

The Jingle Girls - much like their Halloween counterparts, the Spooky Boys - are minipets and faeries who love the Snow Festival and all that comes with it. They spend all year preparing for the holidays, and are most active during the Snow Festival itself.

If you leave a nice comment during the Snow Festival, one of the faeries may leave you a gift!
Jingle Girls' Names

Holly the Happy Holly Festive Kitsune
Frost the Winter Wonderland Festive Kitsune
Jingle the Snow Festival Bell Faerie
Snow the Snow Festival Snowflake Faerie
Icy the Snow Festival Ice Faerie
Ginger the Snow Festival Gingerbread Faerie
Elsa the Snow Festival Frozen Leaf Faerie
Candy the Snow Festival Candy Cane Faerie
Coco the Snow Festival Hot Cocoa Faerie
Light the Snow Festival Candle Faerie
Kiss the Snow Festival Mistletoe Faerie
Honorary Jingle Boys, Girls, and Pals

Jingle Girl Tricky
Jingle Boy Cosmo
Jingle Pal Rowan
Jingle Girl Little My
Jingle Boy Destiny

Ask to become a Jingle Boy/Girl/Pal! Only applies to the specific villager that asked.

paintie by veemo
All comments from the Jingle Girls are in-character (unless there's no capitalization on the words, then it's not lol).

Comments 18

    • Cuties! ♡

    • This paintie is amazing??! I love it so much omg

    • “Ah, I guess I did murmur a little bit there...” Cosmo said sheepishly, turning his head to the side a little before steeling himself, a grin spreading across his visage. “Well, I’m Cosmo! And yep, this is my first! It’s a long story, really...” He giggled, watching the faeries dance around him in unison. Their movements were almost mesmerizing to Cosmo, who was now clapping happily. “Sure! I’ll gladly be an Honorary Jingle Boy!”

      (Ah! Thank you so much!! ;~;)

    • “Wow! So pretty!” Cosmo stares at the gathering of minipets and faeries in awe and smiles heartily, “I’ve never seen anything more wonderfully festive before! Then again, I guess this would be my first time celebrating Xmas...” The canine let out a chuckle—a sound that came out a bit more awkward than it had sounded in his mind.

      “So...” he continued, “what’s this about an Honorary Jingle-ma-jig? Could I... perhaps... become one?” Cosmo clasped his hands together, hoping for a positive response. “I want to learn more about Xmas spirit and try to be a part of it! O-Oh, and I’m Cosmo, by the way!”

    • Tricky laughs, trying now to sneeze. "Indeed I will! Happy Holidays, fellow Jingle Girls!"

    • Tricky purrs, sitting down as she looks around at all of the Faeries. "My name is Tricky, Tricky the Elo!"

    • "Why, you all are simply adorable! Might I become an Honorary Jingle Girl like you?"

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