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Villager: Queen Frostfeareann

Queen Slimilia Brrrr


Villager Info

ID: #270073

Name: Queen Frostfeareann

Gender: Female

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 4 years, 1 month ago

Career: Doctor

Owner: Artemysterious

Feast Points: 0 (27 All-Time)

Species: Snuffle

Color: Gala Queen


House: Dragonsmaw Manor House (70/70)

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Queen Frostfeareann looks stunning!


"Look the king's and princes from Oceandome are coming," a servant whispers to Icy. Icy rolls her eyes and continues to the dining hall 'what's so great about princes and kings' she thought as she opened the door and the butler of King Redfoot announced her. "Her Highness Queen Icy Frostfeareann, Ruler of the Black Ice Mountain," his voice quivered at the end as if the mountains were scary and just made the queen more annoyed. Icy stomped to her chair and sat with a thud wishing Snowe (her husband) was here instead, Slimilia, her royal breed ice slime glooped out of her pocket to land with a splat next to Icy's chair but she ignored Slimilia, and continued thinking about Snowe who was sick in bed due to fever. The Black Ice Mountains where so cold almost 10x colder than Tigereye Peak which had the most suitable climate for Snuffles so at least once a year each snuffle that lived in the mountains fell ill as their black luck would have it Snowe fell ill right before the yearly meeting of the royal houses.

King Redfoot the yearly host of the meeting was a big hairy lion with a belly almost twice as big as his enormous matted mane he sat on one side of the table spreading his legs out to the side so he took up enough space three "proper" ladies could sit comfortably without even brushing elbows. Many others sat at the enormous long table where dinner would soon be served and though they all smiled at each other they plotted the death of one another. Each and every one was a power hungry, lazy, pompous heir to beast knows what throne. Icy just stared at them with well...an icy gaze daring them to try and lie to her face but they usually left her and Snowe alone because none of them could stand the freezing fire of the Black Mountains.

She spots you standing near a wall, jumps up from her seat, and stomps over to you her gait making a nearby waiter almost lose a couple of fizzy glasses. As soon as she reaches you she opens her mouth and her voice is almost deafeningly loud "What are you doing here?" she growls her pristine mane shaking with each syllable she speaks.

(Icy always replies in character so watch out she's grumpy.)

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    • Danté let out a small sigh of relief as the Queen turned around to head back to her seat, seemingly having believed his words. It wasn’t like he had actually lied, Danté was a butler, just a temporary one who hadn’t served a royal family for most of his life like most other butlers. At least he had the skills of one, having worked as a waiter in fancy eateries before. When Icy turned back around to speak to him again, Danté was caught off guard, but forced himself not to flinch and instead stiffened when the slime sat on his hoof. He made sure to keep his leg perfectly still to avoid harming or alarming the minipet. “W-well, my Queen is a Gembound who hails from a island e-east of Oceandome,” he began, not adding more details to Heir’s story for he felt it might put the Gembound in danger, and such exposition might annoy Icy as well. “B-but she has g-gotten cold paws, a-and for now has decided to s-skip the meal. I-I don’t know if she’ll be coming in, b-but I do know that she’s s-still outside with her sister. She sent me inside j-just in case another ruler m-might like another butler for the time being.” Heir hadn’t been wrong, of course. The more rude of the rulers had been ordering him around constantly — “another drink, get me a footstool, I only want this specific kind of sandwich, did I tell you to just stand around and dawdle?!” Danté had needed a rest, which was why he had been leaning up against the wall in the first place. Of course, if Icy began to order him around, Danté would comply. She didn’t seem to be as bad as the other rulers, anyways.

    • At the Queen’s roar, Danté nearly jumped out of his suit. He had been merely observing the procession and arrival of the various monarchs, and hadn’t seen the Snuffle coming. After taking a few deep breaths to steady himself, he turned to Icy, shaking slightly. “I-I assure y-you, ma’am, I am just a mere butler!” he stammered. He didn’t have a tray full of appetizers at the moment, so Danté could see how he could be mistaken as an unwelcome guest. “P-perhaps I could get you something to eat or drink, y-your highness?” Danté has only been startled, but he put an extra quiver in his voice to make himself seem like even less of a threat. It hadn’t been the deer’s idea to take up a job as a butler, but his friend Penji had suggested it, saying it would be fun to see other regions and leaders outside of the mayor-led towns and that he would look the part with his suit. Danté has been reluctant at first, but had changed his mind and travelled with Heir to the gathering — although it seemed the latter had gotten cold paws. Danté didn’t blame the Gembound — she was never supposed to inherit the throne, but her brother was dead and her parents had disappeared. Danté imagined that it must be quite intimidating to sit at a table full of much older equals and state that your kingdom had fallen into chaos due to a revolt and was still recovering.

    • "You don't remember me..."
      : She runs away, crying :

    • Hi twin.

      ( This used to have a different 2nd name, and used to be a spotted lop rabbit... )

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