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Villager: Sora



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ID: #327393

Name: Sora

Gender: Male

Location: Oceandome

Born 1 year, 10 months ago

Career: Construction Worker

Owner: Pikabolt

Species: Leodon

Color: Deep Sea

Costume: Beast


House: FurCash House

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Sora looks stunning!

Sora's very special treasures!


Name: Sora
Age: 37
Career: Construction Worker
Favorite Color(s): dark purple
Likes: making toys, engineering buildings, swimming, music, and diving down into the deep to watch bioluminescence at work
Dislikes: pyromaniacs, people pressuring him to get things done, heavy storms, static on TV, and running out of materials to work with
Favorite Food: Squeakherd's Pie
Hated Food: Spaghetti and Eyeballs
Other: Carnivore (primarily piscivorous), Toyhouse


"Whew, that oughta do it for today. Zale wants to go swimming, I think I'll join- oh! Sorry, I didn't see you there. Did you come for repairs?"

"Oh, you're going around getting to know everyone. Well, I'm Sora, the resident carpenter. Or construction worker really, I work with a lot more than wood. Such as coral, for instance. What? Don't knock it till you try it. And you can make quite durable buildings with coral - we have to, given that normally the houses are underwater and thus need to be able to withstand the pressure of the ocean."

"Huh? You saw me as a cook once?"

Sora throws back his head and laughs heartily.

"That's because I was, for a little while! I was helping young Lyra out cooking for the harvest carnival. I'm no cook, but I can follow directions easily enough. And really all she needed was the extra set of paws. That girl's gonna go far in life, I tell you..."

"Why am I so busy? Well, a real nasty storm blew in, and absolutely wrecked the majority of the buildings in town. Lazarus had been breathing down my neck to get the storehouse fixed but I kept telling them, I have to get houses done first!"

"Anyway, I've finally got all those repairs done, storehouse included, so now I'm working on getting Tienyo's stables back in working order. And then there's Camellia's pots that need repairs..."

"Huh? You want to know how I accommodate aquatic villagers? Well, the houses all look the same on the outside, but you can tell which ones are owned by aquatic villagers because the canal leads up to and inside of their house, rather than stopping in front. Anyway, they've got a, well, I guess you could call it a 'basement' floor excavated out, so their home is entirely underwater up to the platform located just a step below the front door. It's as wide as the front side of the house, so that the homeowner can host terrestrial villagers easily and just have a spot on land to use. It was quite the challenge to figure out a good design, but really fun."

"Why are only some houses multiple stories? Well, if there’s three or more people living in them they need the extra room. Imber’s got a basement, but that’s because of the sheer amount of things she’s crafted that she needs to store. And dyes. That actually makes up the majority of her stock. Ronan uses her basement too; it’s just more convenient that way."

"What?! No I didn’t build Zinnia a new house when she took in Caspian and Azalar! I just added a second floor to hers - it wasn’t that hard. I mean come on, I build things for a living. But we’re also on an island, and doing that would be a horrendous waste of resources and space."

At this, the leodon starts scoffing under his breath.

"Build her a new house. Sheesh."

"Oh hey, don’t mind Squishy. She just loves to be loved. Go ahead and pet her if you want. She really likes hugs, you’ll be her best friend forever if you give her one haha."

"You want to know my hobbies? Well, I do enjoy tinkering with things, turning them into something else. I like mechanical toys especially, Zale, Brenna, and I work on those together and they're always fun to make. Though some of the materials are a right pain in the neck to come by..."

"Oh, but you're not here to listen to my woes. It was nice meeting you, but I want to get going so that Zale and whoever else wants to go to the beach don't end up leaving me behind. It was really nice to meet you, you should try coming along sometime! Don’t worry, there’s no monsters infesting the waters by this island. With as many warriors as we have that would be suicide, and monsters aren’t that dumb. Oh, but I gotta go, see you later!"


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