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Villager: Tienyo



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ID: #327685

Name: Tienyo

Gender: Male

Location: Oceandome

Born 1 year, 10 months ago

Career: Animal Husbandry

Owner: Pikabolt

Species: Deer

Color: Armoured


House: Quetzal Palace House (1/163)

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Tienyo looks stunning!

Tienyo's very special treasures!


Name: Tienyo
Age: 26
Career: Animal Husbandry
Favorite Color(s): blue
Likes: being surrounded by animals and nature, singing, baby animals, stargazing with a telescope, and gaming
Dislikes: getting splashed, beta bugs constantly escaping, his animals getting hurt, carelessness, and people who turn off his console when he hasn’t saved first
Favorite Food: Pawpurroni Pizza (cheese pizza version)
Hated Food: Cosette's Floral Tea
Other: Herbivore, Toyhouse

As you follow the sound of singing, you come across a house connected to a large pasture, with several stables inside. The most eye-catching landmark is the large, man-made pool, presumably filled with saltwater due to the variety of Oceandome-native animals within it. The singing stops, and the stag responsible gets to his feet at your approach.

"Hello. Did you come here to get a look at my critters?"

"Just here to say hi, huh? Well hello. I'm Tienyo, and I work with animals of all species and temperaments."

"Where was I born? In Olde Foxbury. Yup, we’re quite an eclectic group, I know, but we all call Ouroboros our home."

"Oh, Aithne? She and I have been friends since she stumbled out of the woods beyond Olde Foxbury, alone and injured. I nursed her back to health, and as the saying goes, that was that. I was her person now."

"Why did I decide to go into animal husbandry? Because I've always loved being surrounded by nature. Out here, with nothing but the island and the sea around me, and surrounded by all the animals in my care...it's truly a magical experience. Pikabolt has been a great help in that regard; we have a lot of animals in our care."

"Just be aware...I don't take kindly to people hurting or harassing the animals under my care. If you do..."

Tienyo gives you a smile. It's not a nice smile.

"Well, let's just say that regretting it will be an understatement. I won't say it again; you've been warned."

“Do I take requests? Why yes, I do. If you want a specific coloration of one of the animals I have stabled, I can breed one for you, for a small fee. Or if you'd like me to breed some of your animals for you, I can do that as well. Again, for a small fee, but maintenance on the stables and pasture isn't free. I uh...also accept animals as a method of payment. What can I say...I enjoy having all the little guys around me. Or you could just hang around and play with the animals; there's plenty of others here who do the same."

Tienyo chuckles, clearly amused, though there is a fond look in his eyes as well.

"There was a visitor just last week doing that, actually. So don't be shy, none of my charges bite. Unprovoked, anyway."

“Who was it? Well, she’s a chibi tiger. Quite gentle with the animals, I must say. Much more well behaved than my last visitor, I had to throw that mammoth out on his ear, and let me tell you, that was no easy task!"

Tienyo laughs, clearly entertained by the memory.

"Anyway, was there anything else you wanted to ask me?”

"You want to know my hobbies? Well...you've already heard me singing. Music has always been something I love. Jörmungandr, Morgan, Pikabolt, and I will often sing together, and that’s not even including the Oceandome tradition of singing together in Whistle at the end of the day. And as I mentioned before, being surrounded by animals and nature is always really nice, and Camellia really enjoys it too. We've spent more than a few hours just sitting out here, taking it all in...it's part of why we're best friends. You should go see her if you haven't already."

"Fudge, there's a security beta bug escaping - I'll talk to you later but right now I gotta go, he is not ending up in a Greater Slurth’s mouth again-!"

Aaaaand...he's gone.


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