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Villager: Aisling



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ID: #328119

Name: Aisling

Gender: Female

Location: Oceandome

Born 1 year, 10 months ago

Career: Blacksmith

Owner: Pikabolt

Species: Cat

Color: Snowshoe

Costume: Galaxy


House: Quetzal Palace House (1415/1531)

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Aisling looks stunning!

Aisling's very special treasures!


Name: Aisling
Age: 19
Career: Blacksmith
Favorite Color(s): white
Likes: stargazing, flying, exploring, forging, and helping Sage Ismene
Dislikes: getting burned, Lucky getting burned, accidentally warping metal, overheating, and messy workstations
Favorite Food: Slime Slushie
Hated Food: Pretty Poodle's Soup of Noodles
Other: Omnivore, Toyhouse

BANG. BANG. BANG. Curious about the noise, you enter a building to find that it's a smithy, and its owner is sitting on a chair, hard at work. After a moment the little lung dragon flying at her shoulder starts poking her, before directing her attention to you. The winged cat is quick to set down the hammer in her paws and turn to you.

"Oh, I didn’t see you there. Did you need something?"

"You want to know a bit about me? Well, I was born in Quetzal Palace. I'm a blacksmith by trade, and probably too curious for my own good - I did use to be an explorer, before I retired from that job. Curiosity kills the cat and all - only I've got wings to quickly get myself out of tight spots, haha. Then again, so do a lot of things here...I suppose it was only inevitable that I’d get myself into a situation that I couldn’t get out of. "

"What happened? Oh, well, a rather nasty incident while I was out exploring. I’m fine now, don’t worry, but I was out of commission for a while. I was bored, so I started trying my paw at other careers for the heck of it...and just ended up falling in love with blacksmithing. It was just was so much fun, I knew I’d found my calling. I love working in the forge, shaping raw materials into durable works of art. It’s my job to provide the multitude of warriors living here with equipment and repairs, and trust me, at the rate they go through equipment they need them!"

“How do I get along with Olezka? Oh, they’re great! They’ve got a keen eye for salvaging, that’s for sure. It’s why I cart a whole bunch of crap all the way out to the mainland for them to look at!”

Aisling laughs, clearly finding this hilarious. Her necklace bounces with the action; something rather out of place to find on a blacksmith of all people.

"What’s this? Oh, this is something Sage Ismene gave me, for helping her people. Faolan's actually one of them, she's living here and pretty awesome, you should go say hello if you get the chance. And if she's not currently in a battlefield..."

"Oh, you like my dragon? Thank you! His name’s Lucky, and I got him from Sora - the one at the Giving Tree, not our Sora haha. He needed someone to take care of him, so I took him home. We’ve been best buds since."

"What are my hobbies? Flying, I absolutely adore flying. Playing games in the sky with other people never gets old - and teaching Ephemera about the joys of flying has been great too. She didn't have wings before, you know? But she does now, and I got to be the one to introduce her to the sky. Those memories are definitely ones I treasure, to see the awe and wonder on her face, and her laughter as she flew."

"Why did I chose to be an explorer as my first career? Well, because I wanted to see more of Quetzal Palace, and then Oceandome when I moved. There are so many places that no one really knows about, and I wanted to see them all. I wanted to explore every nook and cranny, find every hidden place and secret beauty. I was an explorer because I wanted to get out and see it all. Still do, actually. But I’ve seen many places, and for now my heart’s content. When I eventually get the yearning to explore I’ll fly back out again, but this time not as an explorer, but a sightseer."

Lucky suddenly flies in front of Aisling’s face, who lets out a soft little gasp.

"Oh, well it was nice meeting you! But I've got repairs to do, and I gotta get these done ASAP, you know? Zinnia broke her sword and it's important and- oh, but you're not here to listen to me. Go on, say hi to the others, I've gotta get back to work on this."

With that, Aisling turns back to her work, picking up the hammer in her paws. The sounds of steel striking steel rings out again in the workshop, and you take that as your cue to leave.


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