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Villager: The Narrator



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ID: #338295

Name: The Narrator

Gender: Male

Location: Tigereye Peak

Born 2 years, 3 months ago

Career: Herbalist

Owner: nabob0410

Feast Points: 0 (591 All-Time)

Species: Dragon

Color: Black


House: FurCoin House

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Approved: 30 Apr 2020, 11:10 am

Likes: 44 ♥

Tags: shadow

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The Narrator looks stunning!

The Narrator's very special treasures!


The avalanche tore down the mountain, and sounds of panicked screams and shouts came from the village at its bottom. A shadow standing on the peak of the huge land mass glared down at the mortals below before vanishing, leaving only a black scale on the frozen ground where it had been.

"Hey Tor!" Azrael popped out of the shadow of a nearby tree, making the black dragon jump, accidentally ripping out a growing plant. "Did you hear, did you hear???" Tor groaned in exasperation, and holding the now limp vegetation with one claw. "What," he mumbled, clearly not excited. Azrael bounced out of the shadow completely, hopping from one foot to the other. "There are explorers on the mountain! They said they were setting up another village!" Tor rolled his eyes, the red fire flickering lightly. "Oh joy." Azrael squealed in delight and grabbed his paw, pulling him towards the tree's shadow. "Come on! Don't you wanna have some fun??" Tor sighed, knowing that she wouldn't stop bothering him until he did. "Fine." She giggled again, and jumped into the darkness, hauling him after her.
They appeared on the top of 'The Cursed Mountain', as the mortals had called it for so many years. Tor stared down at the three cats climbing the mountain, waving their paws around and chatting as they did so. His mind pulled him back to a thousand years ago, and he growled softly. The last time a village had been born, he had gotten no peace and quiet, no matter what he did. So he had created the avalanche. The cacophony of screams and yells, curses and crying... they had only lasted for a couple of minutes before the snow had covered them up. Much better than having to listen to them for the rest of eternity. The fire inside of his chest flickered up, the crimson light consuming everything around it and creating ripples across the snow. The heavy white drifts shuddered, shifting dangerously. In seconds they came loose, and he watched with a neutral expression as the cats yelled, scrambling back down the mountain to try to get to safety. They were too late though, and the cold wave hurtled over them, tumbling the rest of the way down the mountain, and coming to a stop in a huge heap. The pass wouldn't be clear until the next spring, he reckoned. "Wowie!" Azrael grinned, clapping her claws together. "A good show!" Tor huffed, and sank back into his shadow, eager to get back to his garden, as Azrael bounced off down the mountain to check out the damage. Finally, some peace and quiet.

The Narrator is a soulless dragon. He lives on a mountain close to the ruined city. He used to be Azrael's shadow, before she found out how to enchant it, creating him in the process. When he's around the city, he can be found tending to his plants next to the river, or sitting on the bench in the forest, meditating. When he's on the mountain, he can be found sitting and staring at the clouds below the peak, or down near the small hut where his main garden can be found.


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    • (I liked that paintie SO FAST when I realised it was uploaded)
      "Hey dude. You good? Lookin' a little red." Igneous looked at The Narrator up and down.

    • If the monster could smile, it would be beaming. "D0n'7 w0rry 460u7 17!" Cyclone laughed mechanically. "1 4m 4 m0n573r-- m057 0f my k1nd m34n h4rm. 7h4nk y0u f0r b31n9 50 k1nd 7h0u9h-- 1'll 63 5ur3 70 91v3 y0u m0r3 91f75 1n r37urn!"

    • The monster jumped around happily in an almost goofy manner, and it was almost easy to forget that beta drones were one of the hardest monsters a warrior could encounter. "0h, 7h4nk y0u 7h4nk y0u 7h4nk y0u!" Using some sort of blue "telekinesis", Cyclone lifted up the candycorn and gently placed it by its "bed", which consisted of no more than two wrinkled blankets. "1 5h0uld g1v3 y0u 50m37h1n9 1n r37urn!" the monster chirped. Mechanical parts within it whirred as it floated over to a pile of junk, rifling through it with its "head". Using its telekinesis, the monster haphazardly tossed some items at the Narrator in excitement. "F0r y0u! I n3v3r m337 07h3r5 50 k1nd."

    • The blue beta drone turned around on unstable feet to "stare" at the dragon curiously. This was new-- typically, those that wandered into its lair tried to attack it, and Cyclone had to take their candycorn by force. Its long "neck" lifted upwards, blue lights flickering, and its "head" tilted to the side. When it spoke, the blue lights glowed bright. "1 w0uld 4ppr3c1473 7h47 v3ry much, 7h4nk y0u!" it responded, voice synthetic and glitching at times.

    • A small deer comes bounding out of the forest with what looks like a piece of paper in its mouth. There is writing on the paper, it says "thank you for the plants, sorry if I scared you." After you finish reading it the deer bounds back into the forest and you see a flash of pink and blue behind the trees.

    • *tips hat*

      I believe I like 'Tor', my dear~ He is a bit of a softy, I'll admit, a shame he doesn't like me due to my meddling ow<~*

    • Why hello there! ^^ So nice to meet you, it seems as if we have lots in common!~

      I must say, however, you should probably stay away from Koa if you value your sweets as much as I'm assuming~ ^^

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