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Villager: Wakili



Villager Info

ID: #363673

Name: Wakili

Gender: Male

Location: Tigereye Peak

Born 1 year, 2 months ago

Career: Tailor

Owner: Rigbybestie

Species: Hyena

Color: Spotted

Costume: Classic Cartoon


House: Tigereye Peak House (1/142)

Career (View All)

Wakili's very special treasures!


Dr. Wakili - Spotted Hyena - Male/Bisexual - 34-years-old - Very Evil Mad Scientist - Uncontrollable Maniacal Laughter After Bragging About Plans

My ToyHou.se, you mortal FOOLS!

- Acquire Classic Cartoon Costume ✔
- Apply Classic Cartoon Costume ✔
- Acquire Paintie ✖
- Upload Paintie ✖
- Destroy Captain Galaxy (or wait, was it stealing his powers?? I don't remember... Dammit, I hope I don't become another Gargamel...)
- Take Over The World


Image Links
Paintie by @???
Profile Image: https://toyhou.se/5676205.wakili/gallery#20287233
Profile Image: https://toyhou.se/5676205.wakili/gallery#20287197
Profile Image: https://toyhou.se/5676205.wakili/gallery#20287125
Profile Image: https://toyhou.se/5676205.wakili/gallery#19387719

Comments 5

    • Actually, my suit is resistant to any type of foreign germs, including the ones that reside on your fur. And, at least my suit protects all my body parts, unlike your many safety violations of an outfit, including that singed mess of a tail. If you had some type of covering on it, it wouldn't work against you as a natural lightning rod! But, then again, it's an EXCELLENT area to land easy hits.
      Oh, I'm an imbecile? You're not even smart enough to create stable replications of any of our technology. Go ahead; make a Ring! You can't. And, too bad. You'd get the recognition you so desire and are jealous of me having.
      Nice impression of me. I'm such a good little bootlicker, right? How dare I care about obeying the LAW! How dare I not abuse my powers for evil! And, oh drat, people liking me because I save their lives?? Man, I'm such a glory hound! *scoffs* Me? Crying and begging to you? You must be dreaming. I'd rather hang up my cape than EVER becoming your evil lackey. But, continue on, stroking your fragile ego as usual.

    • *clap, clap* NOW, we get the real retorts! This is the type of banter I'm used to from you. Insulting my uniform? How classy of you. At least I don't look like the stereotypical image of a mad scientist on the first few images on Google Images. I swear I've seen that exact labcoat in one of the black-and-white films I own. To answer the age-old question fans are dying to know: Dr. Frankenstein wore it better. But, do go on about how terribly foolish and outdated I look, four eyes. Speaking of which, did you get those cheap things from the coupon in back of a vintage comic book or what? Or, did they come free in your box of Frosties? Can you see my underwear? What color are they?

    • Ah, throwing weak insults at the guy who cleans up the messes YOU create. If I didn't have such a strong sense of smell, the disgusting odor you give off constantly would make me sick every time I'm trapped in that dingy lair of yours.

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