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Villager: Ronan



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ID: #392748

Name: Ronan

Gender: Male

Location: Oceandome

Born 6 months, 22 days ago

Career: Alchemist

Owner: Pikabolt

Species: Dragon

Color: Sea Turtle


House: Oceandome House (250/250)

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Ronan's very special treasures!


Name: Ronan
Age: 33
Career: Alchemist
Favorite Color(s): gray
Likes: his family, working with Imber, jokes, playing with his kids, doing exemplary work, contributing to the making of costumes for their village’s shop, and Shiloh
Dislikes: people holding his disability against him, overpoweringly strong smells, ridiculously loud noises, and his kids getting into trouble
Favorite Food: Cuttle Burger and Coral Fries
Hated Food: Dragon’s Blood Soup
Other: Omnivore, Toyhouse

As you walk by the workshop, you see Imber leaving with a basket full of potions and vials, while a sea turtle dragon continues to work inside, making odd clicking sounds while a Coiled Cargon lies draped over his shoulders like a flowery scarf. It almost seems like it would be Whistle, but...

"If you’re going to stare at me, you might as well take a picture. Hmph. I may be blind but my ears work just fine."

That’s when you realize that this entire time, the dragon hasn’t been looking at his work. His head is down but his eyes are gazing somewhere only he can see - or, not.

"Echolocation? You’re a smart one. Yes, that’s what I’m doing. Makes it plenty easy to get a map of my surroundings. And what that can’t do, my ears, nose, and paws fill in."

"What do I mean about paws? You see this vial here, how it’s textured? All of our flasks and vials are like that. Means I can pick one up and immediately know what it’s for."

"Nah, I’m not the only alchemist here. You saw Imber go out just a couple minutes ago; she’s the other one. There’s quite a bit of demand for these dyes and potions and whatnot, and even if there weren’t, an extra set of paws is never unwelcome."

"What? No, we’re not- she’s way too young for me and I’m already married!!"

"Ahem. yes, I’m married, and with kids. Corwin and Caireann, my beautiful little twins. My wife, Helena, passed away some time ago, so it’s just been me and the kids for a while."

"Where’d we use to live? In an underwater town not too far from Oceandome. Closer than Ouroboros at any rate. Anyway, there wasn’t really anyone Caireann and Corwin’s age to play with in the neighborhood, and after my wife died I just...couldn’t stay there anymore."

"Why Ouroboros? Well, we visited here, my family and I. We had a great time while we were here and, I dunno, I wanted to come back to the happier memories, I guess. I couldn’t stay in the house, not after she was gone. So I came here with the twins instead, and I don’t regret a minute of it."

"My wife’s actually buried here in the graveyard. I took the urn with her ashes with us when we moved, and I don't know, it just felt right, letting her rest where Mateo could keep an eye over her."

"Yes, you heard me right. You can have either a traditional burial or a cremation in Oceandome. Cremation is a little trickier to pull off, but it's done commonly enough. We made a habit of visiting on her birthday, Christmas, and New Year's. It helped."

Ronan shakes his head and chuckles in disbelief.

"And then Shiloh moved to the village, and he can...he can cross over to the other side on a whim. He's been...he's been a blessing beyond words to us, that he can carry messages back and forth between not only our family, but Zihao's, Anubis's, and Amun's as well. And all he asks for in return is candy!"

"But, on Halloween...on the day of the dead, Shiloh can guide our loved ones to us. They're just ghosts, and, and we can't touch them or anything, but...my dear Helena can be here with us, even if only for one day. That's, that's enough."

"Anyway, if you need a guide, I can show you around as good as anyone. This is my home; I know this island better than the back of my hand. I should, since I’ve never seen it before."

Here the dragon chuckles at his joke, before grinning at you, amusement gleaming in his sightless eyes.

"Whaddya say; care to have the blind man take you on a tour?"

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