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Villager: Chaos



Villager Info

ID: #400050

Name: Chaos

Gender: Attack helicopter

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 9 months, 16 days ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: dubstep_the_ampwave

Genus: Shifty

Species: All seeing demon

Color: Blue soul


House: Quetzal Palace House (1/80)

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Chaos looks stunning!

Chaos's very special treasures!


(will comment in character) *knocks on your screen* hello human nice to meet you, I'm Chaos the demon. I go by any pronouns! Sorry if I bothered you! Have a nice day *smiles* Oh and I'm the reson you can't sleep, also Max grabbed your foot last night when you where sleeping, that shadow you seen was me standing in your room eating your cookies as you sleep, when you turn the light on I turn invisible, that thing you seen in you dreams was me messing with you, I set your timer back 2 hours so you where late, I told satin all your sins, I know you're scared to get bugs stuck in your ears and you've seen me in this form once but never seen it again. thank you for knowing why you never sleep at night. also I know you eat shredded cheese at night so I chase you back up the stairs because I want the cheese to myself.

(this is an open species called all seeing demon made by me all colors of the rainbow are allowed, the color they are would be called thier soul color, Chaos is blue soul! Don't be shy to ask more about this species!)

Comments 42

    • *opens arms but to t pose instead*

    • "mine!" They yank it carefully out and "they shall join my army! Their name is now emperor snuggle puff!"

      The rest of the villagers were watching the interaction from the windows of their home. One was walking a cat

    • *they shove their back paw on Chaos's face and flailed around like a toddler "HOW DARE YOU YOU DISRESPECT YOUR OVERLORD SCREEEEEEEEEEEEECH"

    • *gets all angry* "HOW DARE YOU BOOP ME MORTAL!" (He sounds like king from the owl house)

    • I don't watch Naruto. I was only looking for names that will fit this character and this one came up.

    • “Elmo? Big bird? Sure mate.” The kitsune covered Itself with its tails, fading away.


    • The crane quickly flew off winking to the demon as the fox also started to fade. “Would you like a magical bell for your troubles?” The kitsune smiled

    • “Perhaps you’d be willing to take me instead?” The kitsune rang his bells. “I am the one who told him you were short anyways, was I not?~”

    • “I can work with this. It’s not to bad down here.” He formed the water surrounding him into the shape of a kitsune.
      “Though I’m afraid I will have to go.”
      He smirked as a small tan and lavender kitsune appeared.

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