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Villager: tiny birb

Villager Info

ID: #400538

Name: tiny birb

Gender: birb

Location: Tigereye Peak

Born 1 year, 1 month ago

Career: Alchemist

Owner: ThatSpaceVixen

Genus: Shifty

Species: birb

Color: tiny


House: Dragonsmaw Manor House (1/60)

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ageless ~ he/him ~ aroace

shiny things, collecting things, hoarding things, his collection of mostly shiny items

really dirty things, his collection being touched, his things getting dirty

he's probably the friendliest crow/raven/bird you'll ever meet
he will steal pretty much any shiny object that catches his eye
he calls pretty much everyone "fren"

crowcore, bitch

Comments 47

    • "Tigereye peak you say? Is that some sort of...place in the overworld? I apologize if im completely off. It's been centuries since I was up there ha haa...."

    • "Hm hm." *continues trudging through the snow* "You aren't cold or anything, are you?"

    • "I wouldn't know. I don't keep up to dare with those sort of things. And of course" *gives gentle scritches*

    • "Well...My name is Greyham or Grey. But more recently i've been called Garnet by those close to me. But most denizens refer to me by status rather than name so im most commonly called Pestilence, or some even like to irritatingly shorten it to "Pepsi"..Though I havent a clue what it may mean"

    • "If you say so. And I prefer not to "declare friendships" but If that's what you'd consider me I suppose that's alright."

    • "I suppose you could for a while..Though I must warn you I don't have much for you to eat at all. As I myself have no need for food"

    • "I see...but I must warn you there are many demons capable of flight that wouldn't hesitate to grab you right out of the sky.." *shudders*

    • "Especially with such a distinct coloration. Any other territory may be safer for you, Much darker and easier to blend in rather than here where everything is...pure white..."

    • *chuckles* "If snacks include "innocent" little creatures I suppose so..."

    • *seems a bit startled* "Oh...Didn't expect you to speak. Well..I would be..careful out here. Hell is full of dangerous hungry beasts you know...and I do suppose are are..many..shiny objects to find in the snow"

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