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Villager: Maxmillion



Villager Info

ID: #53621

Name: Maxmillion

Gender: Male

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 4 years, 7 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Teacup

Species: Big Cat

Color: Smilodon


House: FurCash House

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Approved: 21 Jul 2016, 7:51 pm

Likes: 125 ♥

Tags: tiger feline gold lion piercings liger teacup

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Maxmillion has fallen ill with Horserider Bruise. Number of explorations per hour is halved. This illness can be cured with Soothing Lotion.


Official badass


I do Paintie commissions.

Comments 12

    • Wow, those markings are stunning!

    • Thank you so much! :) This is one handsome fella, my!

    • Gorgeous colors, this has got to be one of my favorite designs<3

  • Comment has been hidden

    • Do not worry, dear one. Twinkle will not let you perish; I will raise you up to full health so you can continue to spread splendiferous kindness across the land. I hope you have a magical evening on this day, and everyday, filled with smiles. Take care. ;^)

      ~Twinkle <3

    • The paintie and page look AMAZING! You did a great job!

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