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Villager: Tiger



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ID: #60676

Name: Tiger

Gender: Genderflux

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 5 years, 6 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Now

Feast Points: 0 (100 All-Time)

Species: Deer

Color: Fallow


House: FurCoin House

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Approved: 26 Jul 2016, 2:34 am

Likes: 101 ♥

Tags: hybrid deer crocodile plushie edited plush splice spliced

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Tiger looks stunning!

Tiger's very special treasures!


My Persona

The actual "default" design of my 'sona is a bit more human than this paintie suggests, but deer are personally significant to me so I chose this base to fit in with the site. I'll be doing the same for any other human character I want on here!
I think it's a ton of fun to see characters represented in symbolic ways even if they're not anthro animals in actuality.

About Me
Aside from what you can find on my profile, I suppose I can put some more things here where it's out of the way, for the curious! I'm an artist, and I love fantasy and sci-fi creatures in particular. I collect way too many characters but I have a lot of trouble parting with them once I own them.

My first real internet persona was represented by an anthropomorphic alien cat named Taegra (At the time called Tiger, which is a way more sensible name for a cat than a deer, but that's probably why I like it more on a deer~),

Someone recently asked me why I use the word "persona" when fursona seemed more fitting. The answer: Personal preference. I believe that labels are arbitrary, and the only one that should be deciding what to be labelled is the individual person in question. It's perfectly fine to categorize yourself, it gives you a sense of belonging! But categorizing others falls into some derogatory/stereotyping territory.

I never really identified with the word "furry" for several reasons, but the most primary one was that I didn't really feel like part of the fandom. Sure, I love anthros, a great deal of my characters are anthros, but I didn't have the same enthusiasm about them as furries and the majority of my characters are more like "demonic humanoid", humanoid aliens, or entirely human.

Another reason is simply that I am very reluctant to include myself in any group where I do not personally know the majority of its members, therefore I do not really identify with any fandom. I may be very enthusiastic about a movie or show, but I'd be reluctant to say "I'm in that fandom" because it feels like inviting myself to a fanclub of millions of people I don't know. It's a personal preference, and we can leave it at that.

Note: I do not have a negative opinion about fandoms or furries! I think it's awesome that you have something that makes you happy and like I mentioned before, I understand and appreciate the significance of labels and a sense of belonging.
In fact, finding a label for my gender and sexuality significantly lifted a ton of weight from my being. Being able to give a name to your sense of self is very liberating. I just feel slightly differently about the same ordeal when it comes to my interests. (I'm also not a particularly social person, so that's a significant factor as well).

"So why are you on a furry site if you're not a furry!" you might be asking. Well, I love pet sites and similar premises, it's that simple. I love the freedom of the villager images, especially. I love seeing other people's interpretations of the base, and I love how often I can do activities on here! It's also extremely close to the vision of my perfect pet site, but I don't have the capabilities of making that dream a reality, so to have something so close to it available for me to play was an opportunity I had to jump on. Plus, they had a genderflux option, so I swooned.
On a more selfish note, it's because this would be another potential place to get exposure for buying/selling art and characters.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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Comments 23

    • Thanks so much >0< I think Tiger also looks fantastic!!!
      And Fawnwish actually comes from an old warrior cats OC (shes one of my villagers i just havent given her a paintie yet w hoops) I just really like her name!

    • Do you think me being here runs the risk of breaking the site

      I hope so

    • THANK YOU ;U;

      wraps you in wings

    • Hey thank you that means a lot! c: I love you! Very cool compilation, and I'm a sucker for green and brown <3

    • plush deer!!

    • Lovely design ♥ The stiches hhgggn

    • spectralFelinae Thank you so much!! <3 This is like a motley of a bunch of concepts that appeal to me greatly, one such thing being patchwork-plushes.

    • What a cutie-pie! I love the patchwork-plush design idea, and the colours you picked all work together very beautifully with enough contrast to pop but not enough to be jarring!


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