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Contest Announcement

Posted by Admin-Mat on 31 Aug 2016, 12:47 am


This update brings a lot of fun news for all villagers! We're happy to announce that Furvilla is holding its first official contest - the Design a Knowledge Base Article Contest. Prizes include the rare Contributor Trophy, some exclusive mini-pets, and FurDollars! Read more about the contest by clicking here. This contest ends September 18th.

Our second contest involves selecting a new NPC for a feature we have on the horizon. If you're interested in having your character officially cameo in the game like the Shopkeepers, feel free to check out our Facebook Contest. That contest ends September 7th.

A bunch of new forum boards have been added now: Official Contests, Service Sales, Coding Sales, User Run Contests, Fun and Games, and Coding Discussion.

Finally, villagers have seen some changes. First, the Red Panda has finally been distinguished from the Raccoon and now has its own base. In addition, it has gained two new colors: Piebald Red Panda and Calico Red Panda. Second, the Corvid Species has been released and contains the Hooded Crow, the Magpie, and the Raven. Finally, some older species have received new colors: the Black Cat, Black Horse, Buckskin Horse, Donkey Horse, Secretarybird Raptor, Hog Nosed Skunk, and Tokay Gecko.

Have a lovely day!

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    • Yaay, waiting for corvids paid off! *goes to make magpie character...well look at the base anyway...*

    • Interesting.

    • ETA on sheep?? these are amazing but i'm still waiting...sorry to be rude.

    • The secretary bird is so beautiful! And I'm happy you added the donkey (even if I don't think it should be called "donkey horse"....since that would be a mule...) but I prefer the head & pose of the fawn for my donkey paintie I was going to submit eventually... I hope it can be accepted without having to go the shifty route.

    • Oh man, I'm glad I never submitted the paintie I made for my red panda. As a side note, are you going to update the red panda forum vista?

    • Not that I don't think the Knowledge Article thing is a good idea, but we've put a bunch of info on the wiki that people can go to that is already made and all that we've already formatted. Like there's been guides for the animals, shops, villages, weapons, armour, and stuff for ages already. Why not just use those? (Admittedly I still need to add more for monsters stats, eep)

    • Best secretary bird creature.

    • Where are the bases for black horse (since it has a curly looking mane edit), the donkey, the secretary bird, the gecko (which has a tail edit), the skunk (nose edit), the long eared owl, and the osprey?