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Username: Goku-san
Gender: Demiboy
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 3:07 pm

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GS || Any Pronouns || Disgruntled Duck || USA

My name is Goku-san or GS for short. I am an insomniac introvert duck who draws a lot of cartoon ducks and other anthropomorphic animals. Also, on the ASD. Always tired. Very floofy. My fursona is a duck. Total nerd.

I am a freelance artist by trade and I am a Kentuckian currently living in North Carolina with my family along with a veiled chameleon named Spock, a pair of zebra finches name Bleep and Blip, and a pair of budges named Harry and Marv.

I like to draw, read, surf the internet, play games, and roleplay. I love animals especially birds. Also, an animation fan.

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Website ||Tumblr || Twitter || DA || FA

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Patreon || Ko-Fi



Art Status
I am no longer offering art or paintie commissions for in game currency or items. Future commissions will be USD only.

[center]Profile CCS by jennawing || Dividers by crys-art

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    • That's what I assumed, someone told me to send you that just since they weren't sure!
      That super sucks though... I had a friend on Insta who got their art traced and got it taken down, I really wish I rembered how they did it >.<

    • Manitka Here's the thing. I filled out that form and Instagram refused to remove my stuff while claiming the trace was 'different' from my work when they barely changed anything in their tracing.

    • Hey I didn't want to bump your thread, but I wasn't sure if this might help:
      hope you don’t mind me adding some more info :’D

      Many websites have those complaint forms you need to fill out to submit DMCA notice. Here are some of them:

      This is the link to file a dcma take down on instagram!
      Instagram http://help.instagram.com/contact/372592039493026?helpref=faq_content

      I'm not sure if you tried this, or if it would work because the image was traced rather than reposted, but I thought I might as well post this here just in case!

    • Thank you for the candy!! <33

    • Your art is so lovely

    • Oh man, small world, I just realized you were on here.


    • Did you want the Magic Queen Bee or the Magic jester for one of the cow premades?

    • @BeakyBirds Yup. I play Furry-paws. :#

    • Same Goku-San from furry paws? ;o

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