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Moderation Changes

Posted by Admin-Mat on 12 Sep 2016, 11:24 pm


Our moderation tactics have been changed in response to player feedback. Many of you have come to us with concerns about bullying and attacks in the forums, and our new infraction system is our solution to that problem. From this point forward, moderators will be issuing infractions for behavior that violates our Site Rules, and an accumulation of infraction points will result in impartial site bans.

We need your help here more than ever in reporting behavior that is inconsistent with our rules. We want the game to be fun and relaxing to play, and if you witness any behavior that bullies or attacks another player on the forums, we encourage you to report it. In the past we had a very lenient system of flags and warnings, but our new system will ensure that rule-breaking behavior is swiftly and fairly punished.

Prior behavior has been expunged from every player's record (with the exception of existing bans). If you had a warning or a flag on your account, you are starting clean with a fresh record.

In addition, our rules have been updated with the following changes:

- We no longer forbid discussion of alcohol or drugs on Furvilla. However, players may not encourage or discuss the illegal or underage use of these substances in their discussions. They may also not solicit any drugs or alcohol on Furvilla. We have decided to relax this rule because Furvilla is not a children's website, it is a website that caters to a general furry audience without the sexual content common on furry websites.

- Players are now permitted to have off-topic discussions in the chatrooms.

- Clarifications have been made regarding off-site trade right now during beta, and after beta.

- We do not allow players to post threads stating they want to harm themselves or commit suicide.

- Players may not beg or severely lowball others.

- Players may not be vulgar, overly aggressive or abusive toward staff members in their communications.

In addition, we wanted to share some information about our future plans: we are in the process of implementing two major features, the plush collection feature and the indoor decoration feature. The majority of our focus will be toward these two features as they will both be major sinks for items and currency in the economy. In addition, one of our programmers is working on mini-games, per the suggestion of many players.

We would also like to announce that our official opening date is scheduled for December 1, 2016!

Have a nice day!

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    • So do your new forum moderators still have a "fear" towards the autistic community, and will they continue to take down forums that are based around/for/ or mention mental disabilities?

    • I have to disagree with getting the community more involved with policing the forums as there are many who will start threads that are begging to be disagreed with then say "i dont wanna hear any disagreements neener neener". Then there is the rather loose jump to conclusion that someone is dehumanizing another without asking in what context the other is posting. With the sort of experience ive seen, putting the policing role more on the community seems to be asking for a jerry springer sideshow. If someone is threatening another, yeah i agree with reporting, if someone is being overly harsh yeah report it.

    • Infractions are just a way for not allowing players to speak their mind.
      I will now duct tap my mouth shut in fear of Infractions

    • Tone & FurgieShiba

      Generally I would like to agree with the both of you in regards to the block function, but the fact that this is the internet and people are going to disagree with each other on various topics doesn't mean that blocking others should be the first reaction to interacting within a social networking site. Essentially that is what Furvilla is, a social networking site where individuals who share interests and likes congregate and talk about various topics.

      If blocking someone is the first reaction to something you disagree with, what does that speak of you? If preventing others from explaining the hows and whys for their opinion is acceptable then why interact with others? I'm not trying to undermine or anger anyone, I'm trying to understand the whole discourse. I don't interact much on the forums here or on Flight Rising to really get why people are so defensive about blocking everyone except for their friends.

      It doesn't make sense to block someone without getting to know them.

    • This all sounds great!~ It's also cool that the official opening date is the day before my dogs birthday!~ I reall do love this online game!

    • thank you for relaxing on the rules. Some of the bans people have gotten have been over very ridiculous reasons, and I'm very happy to see it be relaxed!

    • release the hamhams. :'c

    • im happy about these rules for personal reasons...

    • Thanks for the update on rules and such! Pretty excited about the two major features! Mini games are great too! :D

    • why can't people just scroll past something they don't want to see? not that hard really