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Knowledge Base Contest Finished

Posted by Admin-Mat on 24 Oct 2016, 8:56 pm


After encountering a number of hurdles, the Knowledge Base Contest has been finalized and we are thrilled to have a new batch of player-written entries in our new Knowledge Base. We thank all of the members who participated in the contest, and congratulate the winners! There are some grand prize winners (who received the Spiny Mouse) we would like to invite to contact us for their PayPal prizes.

Second, the moderation team had a meeting and have made some additional changes to the rules and infractions. Most important is that moderators have noticed a need for different infraction point levels for sexual content violations. We now have three levels of infractions to address different levels of violations so that players who make a sexual comment aren't immediately permanently banned for violating the rule, and instead the punishment better fits the infraction. We also split the "exploitation" infraction into two, the new one being a lesser infraction, per moderator suggestion.

We have also introduced some new rules, which you can review on the rule page:

- Don't post frightening or sickening content. Frightening content is defined as graphic real life photographs or photo-realistic artwork indistinguishable from a photograph depicting violence toward humans or animals. Please note this rule isn't intended to police Painties, and exists because of issues with players posting graphic photographs in the forums to disturb others.

- Players may not use the reports function to file false reports about others. Players may not file multiple reports on the same issue, or contact multiple moderators, to have another moderator review the report when a report has already been resolved. Escalation of a report may only be done by contacting Admin-Deinmaar. This rule was added because we have had instances of players reporting others multiple times to get them in trouble despite no rule-breaking behavior having occurred (a form of harassment, unfortunately).

We have also clarified a handful of rules:

- Don't sell, or attempt to sell, your account, items, villagers, or any other Furvilla content (this does not include Painties) for real money. We have clarified this includes attempting to sell account contents.

- Doxxing is defined as posting the personal information of others, including their real name, address, location, IP address, school, real life photographs, or anything that may compromise their privacy. This is not allowed. Previously, this rule stated that posting personal information of Furvilla members is not allowed, and this clarifies a person does not have to be a Furvilla member to be protected under this rule.

Last, here are a couple of general updates:

- The Paintie Team is currently interviewing a new potential Paintie moderator. We are looking forward to potentially adding this new person to the team and are working toward training them for the opening.

- We will be testing the Protection Quotient feature (that was turned off in early beta testing) soon. Please make sure your warriors are prepared for testing as we will be turning it on and adjusting factors as necessary.

- The majority of the features that have been released in the last couple of weeks (such as the Giving Tree and Quests) are not complete yet. While you are welcome to play around with them in the meantime, we will not be formally announcing them until the features are complete with all of their art and rewards. The Quest feature, for instance, will likely be getting its rewards in late November after the Plush feature has been complete.

- We have heard a lot of your criticism regarding the changes we have made the last couple of days. While we understand your concern, we feel that your goals and ours are unfortunately not aligning. Our goal is to ensure a healthy economy for the game and fixing supply issues that have cropped up in the course of beta testing. We are studying the economy of the game and ensuring that any problems in supply and demand are addressed prior to the game opening (and there have been many, as you may have observed from most materials having no value except to sell back). While we know that our decisions have not been popular among the beta testers, we feel they are important for the health and longevity of the game when it releases, and the ability of the players, upon the game's release, to be able to enjoy their game experience. Please remember your job as beta testers is to test features and help us simulate the game's economy post-release so we can identify supply and demand issues, and not to play the game as if it were already released.

When considering future changes we make, please do not consider how it affects you as a beta tester. Please think as if you were a new player in the released game economy, and whether these changes will allow you to make money off the items you collect and craft by ensuring they require time and effort to achieve. The purpose of restrictive changes in the game's design is to ensure that supply isn't wildly outstripping demand. Players will not be able to sell their items if every player is capable of making them in excess.

Thank you!

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    • "we feel that your goals and ours are unfortunately not aligning" then you and your player base aren't aligning. The only limitation put on signing up for this place was a time slot, no application or lottery process. The site is in beta and has ongoing changes to balance things, but this also IS your player base. The weird implication that everyone is here on the pretense of only testing the game and not, god forbid, playing it is just bizarre. We, as your player base, are communicating issues with the game. If you choose to ignore that, don't expect people to stick around.

    • I know it's been a while but.... this isn't how to make a game. Beta testers are here to tell you what works, what doesn't, what needs to be improved, etc.

      A lot of people who use this site have jobs. Some of us spend DAYS gathering materials needed to make one house. One. House. That's ridiculous. This game has become more of a chore than anything else.

      There's a difference between making something worth it, and making it a chore. When you tell us to "not consider how it affects us as beta testers," you're ignoring the point of beta testers. You wanted feedback. You're getting it. You don't just ignore them.

    • Furvilla is starting to screw up royally, I'm loving this
      get the popcorn ready lads

    • I would love for someone to explain to me why a house with 250 durability now requires 350 stone slabs/lumber/whatever to build, especially if we HAVE to upgrade our houses in order to keep any villagers that we all paid for, be it with cash or site currency, from disappearing.

      If you've tapered off of your Furvilla playing time like I have (partly because many of the changes that I've noticed were put into motion WITHOUT INFORMING YOUR USER BASE FIRST, and partly because I have other things to do), all you're doing is suffering through now.

      I was so excited about this game. It was supposed to be an escape, even though we're just your guinea pigs. Now it's just getting plain damn irritating. I can't make any progress anymore, and now I have to worry that one of my paintie villagers, that I worked my ass off to get the FD for (I, like most of us, cannot afford to throw real life currency around, so that's not a viable solution to THAT problem) may disappear because their blasted house ran out of durability, because I was never able to gather enough slabs to build a new house.

      The price of houses, by the way, is completely insane. I can buy Dragonmaw Manor homes cheaper than Olde Foxbury homes...but I can't use them. I can't use any house from outside of my village. It's ridiculous.

      TL;DR: WARN US before you make changes. Please find a way to make houses usable across villages (for those of us so desperate to hang onto our paintie villagers that they become the only other choice that we have).

    • All these changes have kind of made my latest villager a waste of space. Why have him when he cant work? And only reason I got him was to avoid using extra pots. having an extra herbalist made it easier to tend my plants because that gave me 20 unbreakable pots. Where as if I kept using them before hand like i was with the breakable ones it was a waste of wood. Because I could not find enough wood to even keep up with 5 extra pots because of the changes you made to those.

      Now I either have to deal with just the unbreakable 10 or waste wood to build pots then waste double that amount to repair them when they break. As everyone else has said if I was a new player I would drop this game so fast it would be sad because the game has become hard for us beta testers that have been here since the start, imagine how hard it will be for new people. Probably next to impossible.

      I've done beta tests before and this is by far the worst I've seen one done. Any changes do affect us because it affects how we play the game. Changes, before put in place should be done as a poll to see what people want to try out because not all changes are good. And most don't know about the change log or how to find it so they log on one day and BAM they are faced with many new things that might make their head spin or as we have seen cause a lot of unhappy players. Every time I come back I see the number for this site drop further and further and I understand why. We need to be kept in the loop better. A game cant improve with out the input of the testers weather that imput be good or bad.

      I like game I do, and cant tell you how to run your site. But with out happy beta testers( even a few ) this site may fall and cease to exist. I don't want to see that happen but unless some things change with we are informed of things and having our opinions on the changes actually heard with out it being taken as straight anger well *shrugs*

      That being said I'ma go back to grinding my explores and warriors so I can keep my houses in working order (hopefully)

    • Ok, *phew*, Sasha can work, it's just a message bug.

      Don't scare me like that. Ferrets are kinda fragile. We break easy.

    • OK. this is ludicrous. Last time I checked you'd done away with that ludicrous "have to wait 24 hours after setting as a worker before you can work" business, and gone to a 24 hour cooldown before you could change status again. And I was like, "OK, maybe I can work with that."

      And I set Reynardine as a worker, and he could work immediately, so that was OK.

      Now I go to switch to Sasha, and I get...

      Now I got: "This villager has been set as a Worker and will be able to work in 24 hours."



      Yes, I just checked in the Change Log, and it says:

      "The Worker system has been amended - villagers can now begin work immediately after being set as a Worker, but cannot be unset as a Worker or transferred for 24 hours after being set."


    • Hey, how about allowing AH to sort stables by breeding status?

    • Argent I know it's not easy for everyone, but a fair amount of people complaining have clearly found it easier than others. Boring, yes, tedious, yes, and in your case (and I'm sure many others), expensive, but aside from feelings of ennui, not difficult. Spending real money isn't hard, in terms of gamepley, (obviously you have to work irl for that cash!), it's borderline pay-to-win

      I like anne216's idea of extra worker slots for puchase. that would be cool~

    • Synchra Whoops, thank you for correcting me. I misremembered this Facebook post though somewhat sure they intended to pay for full or parttime moderators.