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Moderator Applications OPEN

Posted by Deinmaar on 14 Nov 2016, 1:00 am


Hey, Furvilla! Admin-Deinmaar here!

The time has come, my beautiful Community! Moderator Applications are open yet again, to prepare for the official launch of Furvilla on December 1st! Please keep in mind that experience is greatly helpful, and you MUST be 18 years old or older in order to apply. I will be looking to hire at least 40 new moderators, and yes, I do plan to respond to all applications, even if you are not chosen so you guys don't sit in limbo wondering if your application was eaten by goats. If you are interested in helping this wonderful community grow and join me and my hard working team of MODs, I just need to you send an email to [email protected] with the following "Application":

1. Full Name:
2. Username:
3. Timezone/Location:
4. Are you 18 years of age or older?
5. Why do you want to Moderate for Furvilla?
6. Do you work well on a team?
7. What is your approx. availability?
8. Do you feel comfortable contributing to group discussions about new policies, rules, etc.?
9. Do you feel that you would be friendly and approachable as a MOD to help users with questions?
10. Do you have any Moderation experience? If so, how long and for who?

Applications will only be accepted from 11/14-11/21.

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    • is there anything i can do about people useing their mod friends to lock all of my threads even if i literally made a thread called LOL and the only post in it was "words" ? I think this is a serious issue of people silencing those they dont like by blocking them from the community instead of just blocking me!

    • Applied~ :) A bit late though but good luck to everyone~ :)

    • msjanny
      There are a lot more active players than just 200, as the same 200 users are not the only ones online. I've actually gotten quite a few very good applications coming in that we're confident in. Proper training is an obvious must, and old MODs will be going through the same training with the new MODs.

    • There are maybe 200 or so active players on Furvilla right now. Many of those are under 18, and it's not as if everyone over 18 will apply, so that's quite a lot of people from a very small pool. Can you assuage fears that the 40 mod quota cannot be met without compromising on the quality of moderation?

      Also, the players now have stuck around for a few months, and I figure they're probably more likely to stick around than the first batch of mods.

    • s3nnr3nn
      MOD accounts are secure accounts created soley for moderating. Players will not know what other players are chosen as Moderators, for security reasons, and those MODs will not lose their play accounts.

    • Can't wait to see who the new moderators are!

    • @Admin-Deinmaar thanks for the response, but i think im going to pass then, since im not really comfortable giving my legal name. good luck with the hiring!

    • @admin-denimaar if one was to apply, would their playing account still be usable as a playing account?