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And we are back!

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 13 Oct 2019, 2:19 pm


Hello everyone! Welcome back from the downtime!

We have added several new features to the site, so please let me tell you all about them.

Villager Profile Changes
Our biggest change today is the expansion of villager profiles! All villagers can now hold up to 6 keepsakes and wear 6 outfits each. You may have 6 of the same item, or mix and match! There is no charge to expand your slots for these items - this feature is available to you right now.

We apologize for any impact profile re-arrangement may have on custom user CSS. The mod team has informed me that should your current CSS break any site rules due to these modifications, you have a grace period of 1 month to make needed changes.

If you don't currently use custom CSS, you need do nothing.

Wearable & Keepsake Buffs
Some Wearables & Keepsakes will now give your villager a small buff! Buffs are now displayed on your villager's profile in a color-coded way, which will inform you of your buff when hovered over.

Green icons are costume related buffs. Green also represents buffs acquired from Dragonsmaw Pies. Purple represents pet buffs, for example the Sweetiecorn cooking buff. Orange icons represent buffs given from outfits, and blue represents keepsake buffs.

We will be retroactively adding buffs to some keepsakes and outfits over time, as well as adding buffs to select items in the future. Please note! If your villager is already wearing or holding an older item that receives a buff, you may need to take that item off and re-attach it to your villager.

You may use the Item Museum to see all items that are now buffed!

For the sake of gameplay balance, we have added a rule to custom item orders which disallow buffs to be added to custom items. Staff may add buffs at their own discretion.

Questing Changes & New Prizes!
We have made a few changes to Quests which should help ease your burden and help you to yield more rewards

Quests now ask for less items overall and award more shards when completed based on your level. We have also added several new recipes to the quest shard shop, which create the following new outfits and keepsakes. Each of these new items will carry a small buff.

Tailors and Crafters will be busy!

Also available in the Quest Shop now are 4 new battle pets!

Winter came and went... :(

More Plush Have Arrived!
We have added more Shiftie plush! Magical Galactic Shifty Plush and Magical Primordial Shifty Plush have been added to the Fur Dollar Emporium. Their non-magical counterparts are also now available in the Quest Shop.

We are also regularly adding new plush to Plush Collector. Bees and Cows have been added recently, with more critters on the way!


Battleground Updates!
Battlegrounds now display backgrounds while you are fighting! Huzzah!

Most villagers should now automatically face the monsters they are fighting while in a battleground. The direction your villager faces during battle may be toggled on their profile under villager info - edit. You have full control over which direction they face!

Dragonsmaw Manor Harvest Carnival News
We will be having another scheduled downtime on either October 18th or 19th to test features for the upcoming Dragonsmaw Manor festival. This downtime will be announced at least 24 hours in advance.

- Villager Profiles have been slightly re-arranged
- Villagers may now wear/hold 6 outfits/keepsakes each
- There is a grace period to adjust CSS on your villager profiles
- Quests have been tweaked and prizes have been added
- Backgrounds are now in the battlegrounds
- The direction a villager faces in battle can now be toggled while editing their profile.
- Downtime for DMM festival testing will be announced for either the 18th or 19th of October

That's another big news post, whew! I do hope you enjoy these features, and stay tuned for more!

- Aspen -

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    • Owner-Aspen Okay sounds good! Smart to do it that way to have everything 100%. Thanks :>

    • I love the backgrounds for the battlegrounds!

    • All those new battle pets in the quest shop are Game of Thrones references, aren't they?

    • *Gasp* The battleground backgrounds are so beautiful! I love them!

    • ooh dang this is one major update! It's great to see these changes. Thanks Aspen and Quinn for kicking this site in the right direction :)

    • DreamingHeart outfits and keepsakes display in the order you put them on. A bit cumbersome, I apologize!

      This is the most we plan to expand villager items, and especially with the new buff mechanic, we may already be pushing it. ;)

      rains I do have a date set, but we would like to make sure everything is 100% solid before announcing. Within days after the downtime is our plan. Will make sure we announce in advance!

      FartNugget trophy re-alignment should happen at some point. On my long list of QoL tasks! We will make sure it doesn't affect any CSS as well - learned that lesson.

      sciencesparrow please try playing around with the toggle again, If it is still not working, please post in the bugs forum and Quinn will help you as soon as he is able. More info on the exact villager will help him solve the issue. :)

    • Thanks guys for the mini panic attack about my CSS, haha, I really love these buffs though! Works well for more aesthetic and the added buffs make a lot of items seriously more worth it :) Excited to try out the updates to the warrior battles soon too

    • I love the increase in the number of outfits & keepsakes villagers can have!! I was actually just wishing for that the other day. :'D

      I have two questions: 1) Will there be a way to rearrange the order of outfits/keepsakes in the future? (If there isn't already, maybe I'm just not seeing it because I'm dumb), and 2) Will there be a way to further increase the number of keepsakes/outfits our villagers can have in the future? (Perhaps similar to how we currently upgrade our inventory slots, etc.?)

    • I am loving the new buffs feature! Thank you!

    • I'm really loving being able to put several outfits and keepsakes on my villagers. Thank you! I also love the buffs!
      The battleground backgrounds are very neat too.
      Plenty of good stuff in this update. Awesome :>
      Thanks for working on making this game better and giving us cool features. It's much appreciated. <3
      Also do we have an approximate date for the DMM festival or is that to be determined based on how well the testing on the 18th/19th goes?