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User ID: #92751
Username: rains
Gender: Male
Registered: 28 Apr 2017, 7:45 am

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rains | Male (he/his)

I love plants, cats and rain a lot.
I also love games
Some other things I really love are:
twenty one pilots, skulls,
pirates and nautical things.
Feel free to talk to me and stuff!
I'd love to get to know more people ^^
If you're ever looking for something from a shop from the village I'm currently living in you can just send me a message and I'll try to get the thing for you!
note to self: I moved back to OFB in October 2019.

Current breeding projects:

Future breeding projects:



Being able to beat the Harbinger.

1706-magic-stormy-moth-plush.png2859-flora-felilidae.png3016-opulent-peacock.png 3147-star-magic-pygmy-goat.png2967-ethereal-alien-space-lobster.png3561-avon-dobhar-chu.png3562-loch-dobhar-chu.png5337-rosy-nose-harvest-mouse.png


my goals are a mess lol

I collect all containers. But mostly underwater containers


note to self:
2/5 (2/20) Anodized Aluminum Lump
5/5 (9/20) Oceanic Ruby
5/5 (15/20) Oceanic Emerald
1/1 (1/4) Gold Anvil

Villagers 50

Comments 45

    • Thanks for the seed!

    • Thank you <3

    • And thank you for giving them a home <3

    • 300FD or 450kFC whenever works for you <3

    • From out of the darkness, you hear a sound. A... clicking sound? "Clique clique clique" it goes... WHAT is happening!? It gets louder as a strange emo covered in Twenty One Pilots merch approaches. "So I hear you like my username" the emo says as they disappear just as suddenly as they appeared...

    • Thanks very much! ^_^

    • I'm trying to accept the trade but it's telling me I'm out of inventory space, but I know I have 170 free spaces in my inventory so I have no idea why it's saying it. owo; could you check to make sure your inventory isn't full?

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