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Downtime Done!

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 9 Nov 2019, 10:57 am


Hi everyone Aspen here! The database cleanup went as planned, and everything should be running smoothly. If you see any issues, please report them to the bug forum and Quinn will help you out. You can learn more about the downtime changes at the end of this post.

As we keep on rolling into November, I have some special little tidbits to share about upcoming site features.

Used Food Wrappers

These little pieces of trash have been a mystery for quite some time now! I've been talking with a certain shifty traveling hyena who assures me they are worth more than they seem to be.

Even though they may not look like much, I hope you have been saving them up, as their purpose will become clear before month's end!

We smell like beef!

Soon, this item will no longer be marked as untradable, and will be able to leave your account normally. It is highly advised that you remove them from your user stalls (or at least not price them) until you are very sure you do not want them.

Wrappers drop occasionally from cooking and from the cave explore event. I am certain that their use will not be limited-time, so please do not worry about having enough right away.

The very second I get that hyena to spill the beans on what he wants them for, I'll pass that info on to you!

Black Friday Sales and Bonuses!

We are currently finishing up our plans for this year's Black Friday. We will be holding our annual FD sale, as well as offering a special giveaway with purchase through our online merch store. In addition, we have some special items available you will be able to earn during gameplay. There will be something for everyone!

Stay tuned to the news for more information later this month.

Stamp Collection

Is FC burning a hole in your bank account? Need a place to sink all that fine golden coin? You may wish to invest in a Stamp Collection. Stamps are a new item type, and are strictly a collectible. While you may find them from time to time during events, their main purpose is to soak up excess FC in shops throughout Furvilla. Collecting stamps is an excellent long-term goal for the most determined Furvilla player.

Philatelists rejoice!

After introducing Sticker Albums, Button Books and Stone Collections this year, Stamps are the last special gallery we have planned. Stamps will begin rarely stocking in various Furvilla shops today, and more will roll out over time.

- Hang on to your Used Food Wrappers just a bit longer - their purpose will become clear by month's end.
- Our Black Friday FD sale and Merchandise giveaways with purchase will be coming later this month.
- Stamp Collections are live now, and stamps will begin showing up in Furvilla shops today. Stamps are intended to be a long-term goal for determined players.

Now I am going to hand the news off to Quinn!

Hiya Furriends!

Just want to point out a few coding-related items that Aspen didn’t already cover.

Firstly, as mentioned before, the primary purpose of the downtime was to clean up some massive database logs related to the Warrior career. These old unnecessary battle logs have now been cleared and should automatically do so in the future. Any incomplete battles were purged. Rest assured that warrior stats and progress were not touched. Oh, and while I’m on the topic, level 25 has been set as the maximum level attainable in the warrior career.

Secondly, some modifications have been made to player profiles. Any custom CSS should still work, but you may have to revise it to adjust for the changes.

A summary of the changes:

- Friend/unfriend and block buttons have been moved up to next to player names.
- The link menu has been moved up to the top right, links to galleries are on a separate row.
- Trophies have been moved downward and display horizontally.

Please report any found bugs in the bug report forum.

Thank you!

- Quinn

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    • yay trophy update...!! But I will be dead honest, I hate the stamps... Waste of FC...

    • The trophies being moved is honestly fantastic - thank you! :D

    • Awesome! :D
      Looking forward to seeing what those food wrappers are for.

    • LOL and just I spent time placing my trophies horizontally the other day that's kinda funny.
      I've waited for that for some time, they look a lot better now! Thank you :>
      Also very curious about the used food wrappers

    • I love the new profile design. soo much more organized and neater.

    • "- Trophies have been moved downward and display horizontally." <<<< THIS is a massive improvement!! Many thanks for the updates ^=^

    • thanks for the update! I'm really looking forward to seeing what the food wrappers do!

    • OMG thank you SO much for changing the trophy display, I could weep with joy

      Also, excited about finally being able to use the wrappers, and about collecting stamps :'o Only thing is, I actually didn't need more things to spend FC on....//sobs

    • I prefer the new profile layout, it looks cleaner and I like it ^^