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New Guest Costume!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 19 Nov 2019, 7:27 pm


Hi all you awesome Furvilla Friends!

We are SO excited to bring you a new addition to our special guest artist costumes, the Feast Costume! This Costume will provide your Villagers with the Cooking Buff and Crafting Buff so it’s both useful and adorable!

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a Feast Mini Pet then this might be the costume for you!

The Feast Costume is gorgeously rendered by Ink.

And as before, the new costume bases are available, and painties may be made for them using all existing paintie rules.

So, how do you obtain one of these costumes? Your Crafters and Cooks of course! Please be sure to visit that...completely trustworthy chap that runs the Fair Exchange Shop to get some supplies.


With a little effort, random items, and magic you can send away for your very own Traveler endorsed Feast Costume!




Happy Crafting everyone!

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    • the oracle is eating lunch is the pest prophecy for this.

    • Does the feast costume buff stack with buffed outfits/keepsakes?

    • These are very, very good!

    • These new costumes are gorgerous!! I have to get one for my cook immediately, though I can't decide if I want to keep her a dragon, or switch to a Gryphon/Leodon to see the actual costume lol.

      Though.. Can't say I'm a fan of the expensive price tag. I don't mind stamps as a FC sink, but being forced to buy one for 100k FC just for a costume really puts me off. :/

    • Alekzy
      100k FC is expensive if you don't play more than 20 minutes a day, I do have other things that need my attention more than some petsite game.
      Again, I don't mind waiting to craft all the materials, but having to get that much FC 4 times is incredibly irritating. The Cooking Career is bad enough with how much FC it takes to use it, I hate money sinks as it only caters to constant players.

    • The rat is amazing. I think I might need one. The skunk one is really precious too. I luv ;w;