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Party Time!

Posted by AdminAssistant on 20 Jan 2020, 2:53 pm

Hello everyone!

The birthday gifts have arrived and are fully ready for any future birthday to come!

If your birthday has passed and you have missed your birthday gift please send a PM to AdminAssistant with your birthday.

This applies only for people who have had their birthday in January 2020 between the dates of January 1st to January 19th, users who are trying to claim a missed birthday gift on any other month and date than January 1st-19th 2020 will not be responded to as this will be regarded as user error.

Thank you all for your patience and have a wonderful day!

☀ MOD-Thaleia ☀

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    • Oregoncoast Thank you for showing the stickers.

      I was hoping the staff would reply because they never seem to post exactly what's added to the site. Even if I did look in the FD shop I wouldn't have known what was new and what's old since I don't go in there. I was really hoping the staff had posted the information somewhere because it's not obvious if it's just the stickers or if there's other items as well. I do appreciate you showing them, though.

    • am I upset? damn right I am?

    • uhh??? my birthday was Jan 20 and I still was unable to claim my gift for the entire day and now you're trying to tell me it's my fault?

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    • I've only seen Capricorn and Aquarius chibis, but I'm loving the theme so far!

    • great to know that they are out but is there a reason why Anchorman_Frostbite isn't hosting the news any more? It only sprung to kind because of the "news flash" titles,..

    • epic just four more days

    • Thank-you so much for the fast response and the gifts!! <3