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The Traveler shares some secrets!

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 28 Jun 2020, 2:29 am


The Traveler has been called away on some (what he claims to be) important business. As such, he will no longer be able to force convince his blacksmith friend to upgrade equipment.

But do not fret, dear Furvillans! You are now able to add your own sockets to equipment, and believe it or not, the final cost to do so is much less then our tricky ol' hyena friend was previously charging.


By visiting the Fair Exchange, you will be able to purchase the following recipes for your Crafters to learn:

I wonder which magazine runs these ads?

Socket-O-Matic 5 may be obtained rarely when crafting a Socket-O-Matic 4.

When crafted, these recipes will yield a fantastic Socket-O-Matic. Each of these items is able to add up to a certain number of sockets to an equipment. Please read their descriptions carefully before use for best results. These are single-use items.

Ingredients New and Old

The following items are also now available at the Fair Exchange. You will need these items in order to craft Socket-O-Matics.

Traveler's Treasures!

The Secret Ingredient contains a very rare substance that the Traveler has collected himself! Sketchy Stamps can also be added to your Stamp Collection, and you may notice them being asked for in Quests soon as well. Each of these items will have unlimited stock. Item Upgrade Tickets may still be obtained in the Tourney Shop, and have had their cost reduced to 500 VP, down from 875 VP.

As the Traveler has always accepted a combination of FD and FC as payment for upgrades, you will also find The Secret Ingredient for sale in the Furdollar Emporium.

Exempt Items

Unfortunately, I am informed that these Socket-O-Matics will not work on the following items:

All Amulets
All Battlepets
Mystery Meat
Sheet Collar of Amasis
Silvered Dagger
Lunar Diadem
Solar Flare Collar
Bow of Fury
Antler Bow and Arrow

I tried to talk the Traveler into allowing it, but he says it simply cannot be done.

Crystal Removers

Have a crystal in an item and need to get it back? Also from the Fair Exchange, as well as the Furdollar Emporium, you may now pick up a Crystal Remover for a modest price.


A Crystal Remover is a single-use item which allows you to choose which crystal already on an equipment you possess shall be removed. This is mostly useful for expensive or rare crystals.

Remember, you can still replace a crystal that is currently a socket with a new crystal, but the new crystal will destroy the current one unless you remove it first.

Back Again Someday!

The Traveler tells me that his plans include exploring outside of Furvilla to find some new and exciting things to share with you all. He assures me he will return, perhaps unexpectedly, with new and exciting deals... someday.

If you happen to have an outstanding trade with the Traveler at this time, he will honor it before he leaves on his journey. Otherwise, it is now up to your villagers to help you craft Smithing Hammers and Socket-O-Matics!

I look forward to your return, hyena friend!
- Aspen -

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    • How do you use the crystal remover?

    • Excellent, this update is exactly what I was hoping it would be when I caught a glimpse of that Crystal Remover when it was still hidden recently.

    • I think the new descriptions are much clearer!

    • My gosh.... I only have over a 1M FC, I could never afford a single 3 sockets equipment _ @

    • Switchi The difficulty is justified. Sockets are very expensive.

      Here are the Traveler's prices.
      "The price of sockets depends on how many the item already has.
      First Socket: 50,000 FC.
      Second Socket: 500,000 FC.
      Third Socket: 1,500,000 FC.
      Fourth Socket: 5,000,000 FC and a second ticket."

    • Oh cool! :D Thank you Alekzy!
      And reading the other comment below it seems like the descriptions of the items need to be made a bit clearer. Maybe something like "Stage 1 of 5" or something like that.

    • sciencesparrow there is a cap of 5 sockets per weapon.

      To add 1 socket to a weapon with zero sockets you need the Socket-O-Matic
      To add a 2nd socket to a weapon with 1 socket you need the Socket-O-Matic 2
      To add a 3d socket to a weapon with 1 sockets you need the Socket-O-Matic 3
      To add a 4th socket to a weapon with 3 sockets you need the Socket-O-Matic 4
      To add a 5th socket to a weapon with 4 socket you need the Socket-O-Matic 5 (and lots of luck to obtain it as it is not craftable)

      If I didn't got it rigth please correct me.

    • StrayChowChow Say what?!
      If that's correct the description is way different than it's real purpose; I was counting the "up to X" as the maximum number of sockets an item can bare.
      This is really overcomplicated and it doesn't justify how hard it gets to craft the higher tiers

    • Switchi I might be wrong, but I think you're misunderstanding what each does. However, in my opinion the descriptions are written extremely poorly and are very easy to misunderstand

      They all add 1 socket. They are all single use, and add a single socket on use. However, it becomes more difficult to add sockets the more sockets already present on an item. If you want to add a socket on an item without sockets, you use the base one, as it will add "up to 1 socket". But if you want to add a socket on an item with a socket already, you want 2 sockets total. So you use the Socket-o-matic 2 to add a single socket, "up to 2 sockets".

      So pretty much you need to use the socket o matic number equal to the "th" (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc) number of the socket that you are adding to your item.

    • Is there a number cap for how many sockets a single piece of equipment can have? Lets say I grind and somehow manage to get 20 of these socket addition items. Could I use them all on one piece of equipment?