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Username: StrayChowChow
Gender: Demigirl
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 9:31 pm

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If you see anything in my stall you'd like to trade for the other currency or possibly art (I can be a bit picky!), feel free to send me a PM!

Please be patient in waiting for responses from me! I am disabled and sometimes go days without feeling up to replying to others. I'm not ignoring you. Thank you ;u;



I maintain the Self-Upload Custom Paintie Base Collection! Please upload your free-to-use custom paintie bases and expand our gallery!

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    • I appreciate the donations offer, but we wanted to keep the giveaway pools on the smaller side so as to not overwhelm newer players who may not have the inventory space. <3

    • Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear you've been unwell! I hope you're taking care of yourself and staying safe! If you ever want anyone to talk to, I'm always here to listen.

    • Pozemi20 oh you're so cute, not annoying at all! It really makes me so giddy you noticed my absence haha. I've had some ideas but I've been in not a great place health-wise for the last several months and haven't been feeling up to it. But when I'm in a bit better of a place where I feel up to making them I totally will!

    • Hi there! Sorry if this is annoying, but I was wondering if you were planning to make any more premade painties? I think you could do a lot of great things with the last few event chibis! Sorry to be nosey, I just adore your cute designs~ <3

    • Awwww, thank you so much for the kind words in the senpai thread! You're way too sweet, and I always love seeing all the new panties you make! <3

    • You are very welcome :)

    • Okie. Thank you so much for seeds, sugar! ^_^

    • Hawkfeather13
      Yo it is INCREDIBLY rude to tell an artist to lower their prices and not cool at all, it's super insulting, no matter the reason or intention, especially when said artist is already underselling themselves, just because you can't/don't want to pay the price they're selling at and you sell yours for much cheaper doesn't mean you have any right to tell them to lower their prices, especially when it is backed up with a weak excuse such as them gaining more attention for it, you're basically telling them that their art isn't good enough to be sold at the price they're selling it at

      Either learn how to safe up money so you can afford their prices or don't say anything about their prices at all, educate yourself about the value of art and the value of the currencies being used because clearly you don't know where it's at considering I've seen you lowball severely on other arts by offering merely pennies and telling them that $1-$3 is way too much money

      You don't ever, EVER tell an artist their prices are too expensive either, that's the second worst thing you can say next to telling them their prices should be lowered, just keep your mouth shut, don't give them your unsolicited "advice" about their prices, especially when it is about fake furry currency, just learn how to make enough money to be able to buy the things you want

      And don’t even THINK about telling me or anyone else that it’s rude to tell you off on your behavior and try to justify it by saying you were simply offering advice and not meaning to insult anyone, trying to make out the artist to be the rude one for telling you off, telling artists that their prices are too expensive and/or should be lowered is and always will be extremely rude and insulting no matter the way you try to bring it and I’m sure I’m not the only one here who doesn’t tolerate this behavior at all

      On that note, it is also incredibly rude to try and offer a different currency for something when the person isn’t asking for said currency, stop trying to get good things for pennies because you will not get them, this isn’t debatable, if you want something you can’t afford you’re going to have to safe up for it and not try to get the artist to lower their prices to a point that makes it affordable for you personally, you are not entitled to anyone’s art, art is a luxury, no one should have to cater to you just because you can’t afford something, you’re not going to make any friends if you keep up your current behavior, don’t even try to offer “advice” on an artist’s prices because you don’t hold any position in that department since you clearly don’t have any idea what you’re talking about when it comes to the value of art

      If you like someone’s art but can’t afford it just tell them you like their art but aren’t able to afford it, that’s it, no “it’s too expensive” and no “you should lower your prices”, and don’t try to haggle with them to get it to a lower price unless they are actually open to haggling

    • It’s kinda rude when you shun advice someone is trying to give you, also since I have a lot of experience in this matter. Just because I don’t want to buy or if I say you prices a a little bit expensive doesn’t mean I’m trying to insult you.

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