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Username: StrayChowChow
Gender: Demigirl
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 9:31 pm

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If you see anything in my stall you'd like to trade for the other currency or possibly art (I can be a bit picky!), feel free to send me a PM!

Please be patient in waiting for responses from me! I am disabled and sometimes go days without feeling up to replying to others. I'm not ignoring you. Thank you ;u;



I maintain the Self-Upload Custom Paintie Base Collection! Please upload your free-to-use custom paintie bases and expand our gallery!

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Profile Background by Puck <3!

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    • Oh wow I adore your icon, it's so spooky <3!!

    • Of course!!! <3

    • Crisucchi That's so incredible sweet of you, thank you ;w; I love it so much, I'd love to use it as my icon once October is over (if that's okay with you ofc!)

    • Happy that you like it! Since you helped me one day I wanted to give you something in return <3!

    • Crisucchi oh my goodness what an adorable loaf!!! Thank you so much, I absolutely love this perfect chonk ;w;!!

    • 27764224_6Gixw4NVTByr3Z3.png Waf waf

    • SageTheAce I used a file type known as APNG (animated PNG) but I was informed that animated avatars are not allowed. I apologize sincerely!

    • Can I ask how did you get a gif icon??? :O!

    • How did you get an animated forum icon?

    • PrayingMantis (sorry for so many pings) but bless your sweet face, thank you so much aaaaaaaa pandog chow baby <3

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