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FGNN: Dog Invasion Continues! Item Codes!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 11 Jan 2017, 11:19 pm


*static crackle*

It's the Furvilla Global News Network (FGNN), coming straight to your town from its headquarters in Tigereye Peak! This is Anchorman Frostbite bringing you all the finest news from around the Furvilla globe. Today, we've been getting reports from Dragonsmaw Manor that the dog invasion continues!


So many dogs! So much bork!


Rasui is not to be left behind, and has been reported as handing out plushes of all the new dogs. The dedication he shows to his craft should inspire all! Or maybe he just really likes puppers...

In other news, a great many of you villagers from all around the globe have been writing in for item codes! It seems that your requests have not gone unheard! FGNN is happy to report that item codes have been reported as going out with packages from the Furvilla Store!


Our information shows these plush come from item codes sent out with the equivalent item in the store.


But that's not all! It appears that brand new village home Wall Art has appeared! Why hang that print on one wall when you can hang it on two? A Wall Art item has been reported as coming with every print obtained from the store. We've also heard that some of you out there listening were responsible for this neat idea!

That's all for this newscast, and always remember, stay fluffy, Furvilla!

*static crackle*

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    • Oh god this is a horrible idea. Who the heck thought that unbreedable shop mini pets was a good idea? You can't even pick which rarity color you get when you buy from the shop. making them unbreedable like this is just a cash grab since you HAVE to keep buying them now instead of being able to breed for the rarer colors.

      0/10 BAD IDEA

    • this new FD pet system is the stupidest thing i've ever heard. The value doesn't go down with the 5 breeding turns people are holding onto them already. I purchase FD pets and i am already making back the 500 i spend the FD pets were an investment....now they're just something to show off how much money you spend on this site. Being unbreedable ruins the entire idea behind the Animal Husbandry career. I had hopes of fulfilling my entire menagerie...now i can't even begin to imagine that being possible...ever. And that's with spending money...

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    • cute but I'll never have any of them lmao.

    • These dogs are adorable!!!

    • This is probably a stupid question, but how do we get these little guys?

    • So many cute dogs!

    • Bork and pupper!

      Frostbite is memer confirm

    • Thanks for adding some extra value to the Furvilla Store items. :)