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Username: Duskregn
Registered: 7 Jul 2016, 5:54 am

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uhhh hi i'm jay and i love reds browns and oranges
minipets, extinct animals, and dogs are the way to my heart
autistic + depression + social anxiety = if i don't reply or reply late it's literally never you, it's always me! don't worry!
1839-bernese-doberpup.png 1839-bernese-doberpup.png 1839-bernese-doberpup.png

deviantart / tumblr

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    • okay but your profile pictures is so freaikng cute

    • thanks for the morph

    • Out of curiosity, where are you getting the Feathery Designs from?

    • Sure. Happy to help.

    • I know! I just love colorful insides, like green and orange. Im thinking of making an adopt with teal/mint green type schemes.

    • I love your icon so much, it looks so smooth. :0

    • You're welcome, Saluki's are among my top 5 fave dog breeds

    • I am glad you have the imagination, friend

      Saves me having to look up and download a pic from Google on my phone, and draw it on with this shitty paint app I just found out I have :^)

    • //Wanted to screenshot my fernhound and draw little arms with thumbs up on it but I just remembered my PC doesn't work so I can't load GW so now I'm sad//

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