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February Monthly MiniPets

Posted by Admin-Mat on 1 Feb 2017, 2:30 am


February has come, and with it, the introduction of a new round of mini-pets for the FurDollar Emporium. These new monthly mini-pets follow a new system with the goal of retaining their value!


We have heard the concerns of customers who purchased FD mini-pets in the past and their disappointment that breeding has resulted in their purchase losing its value increasingly over time. We want our customers to feel confident that their purchase will retain its value, even potentially increasing in value. Therefore, we have decided that starting with the February mini-pets, FurDollar Emporium mini-pets will be unbreedable species, ensuring that the investment a customer makes will not decline in value due to breeding. Any past mini-pets released through the Emporium will remain as they were, as this change affects only new and future Emporium mini-pets.


Players can now obtain rarer colors for an Emporium mini-pet species by opening a box, found for each new mini-pet species in the Emporium. The boxes for each respective mini-pet have a 40% chance of opening into a common, 30% chance of opening into an uncommon, 20% chance of opening into a rare, or a 10% chance of opening into a super rare. Boxes are also priced at 250 FurDollars, a reduction from past prices.


The Aquaticat species is the first of the new Emporium mini-pets, shown from common through super rare.


The Rapti species is the second of the new Emporium mini-pets, shown from common through super rare.


The Moth species is the third of the new Emporium mini-pets, shown from common through super rare.


The Chipmunk species is the fourth of the new Emporium mini-pets, shown from common through super rare.


The Caterpillar species is the fifth and final of the new Emporium mini-pets, shown from common through super rare.

These new boxes will not entirely disappear at the end of the month. We plan on putting all Emporium mini-pet boxes inside of a larger box called the Retired Box, which will dispense one random box from a past month. The Retired Box will be available at a higher price, but gives players the chance to obtain mini-pet boxes from past months if desired.


Save up your weapons, armor, and unwanted mini-pets, because the Serpent Festival is coming to town on February 14th. The Serpent Festival is Quetzal Palace's yearly special event. During this event, the serpent that carries the Quetzal Palace village on its back will land on the mainland of Furvilla. During this period of time, villagers from all over are welcome to make offerings to the serpent in hopes of being rewarded with something cool.


The upcoming festival will involve some new mini-pet species from the serpent, a special shop to purchase festival related items, new villager colors, new villager costumes, and last but not least... a mystery! Will you be one of the first one hundred people to solve the mystery and earn a trophy from the festival?


But that's not all! We have two weeks before the festival starts, and some other cool activities are coming down the pipeline. Sources say that Crafters will be getting a new type of item to craft, one that should keep all of you crafters busy! What could it be? Hm... we'll find out soon! ;)

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    • Personally, Sharni doesn't see why this upsets so many people? Then again, she comes from a place where some items can cost $50+ of RL cash (not even the premium currency, RL cash). $2.50 is less than she spends on her coffee at Starbucks. Heck, she spends more than that on each bath bomb she buys in Lush. People who but then with CD will be willing to sell them for FC and you can buy FD from others with FC? Sharni just doesn't see why this is such an 'evil' thing??

    • I would be all over that chipmunk if it was an actual mini-pet and not a mantlepiece decoration. Breeding is the entire difference between mini-pets and things like the special christmas wreaths.

    • Actually, now that I think about it, I hope they don't do something that's an absolute dick moe during the QP fest - I hope they don't impose a god damn limit on how much we can give to the serpent. At all. That's ridiculous as shit if they do.

    • Where's the dislike button when you need it?

    • I haven’t played this game in awhile, and I’m glad to be back! Though looking at the new forums, I can see some new sprouting problems. So heres my spill about this one in particular:

      I can agree with most of the protests in the comment section. I understand yes, you guys need money to keep the game running, so a little extra content is okay for people who want to spend! BUT. when you make it so there is absolutely NO way for people to get some items without whipping out there wallets, it becomes tedious and unwelcoming.
      Lets give an example here. Dragonvale. This is a 100% free app that doesn't just have coins, but gems. You can pull out your wallet, buy some gems, and get that really sweet jade dragon over there. Or you could do it the other way, finding the perfect breeding combination and breeding the egg for free. This makes it fair because the money spenders are only speeding up the process. The people who can't or just don't choose to spend money can STILL get the dragon the desire, they just have to put some extra work into it. This is a very used pattern that works for ALL free games and is usually expected and welcomed, as long as it isn’t stretched. (To be fair here, Dragonvale has pulled some sneaky ones, but they haven’t tipped over the edge.)
      Here, it is becoming stretched. (Intentional or not, i’m not sure.)
      You can buy fur dollars, or you can get them from commissions or friends, all fine and dandy. You can then use these dollars to buy sweet stuff by your own regards! Nice! The problem here now is with these breeding pets. They were meant to be bred for profit. Now that they can’t breed, a ton of people here are being suckerpunched. I’m not here to get all the pets or all the plushies, but some people are. And they really are ticked. Along with the fact that there is around 5 versions of every new pet. This system is a hit or miss, giving the customers who can spend all the money they want because they have a job, the upper hand. This will defiantly put some people as the supreme gladiators, as they can just hoard all the special items. People who can’t spend the money or don’t want to can easily be left in the dust. This can create a lot of hostility between players.
      Before, I could get the monthly pets if I REALLY worked at it, and that truly made the game more rewarding. Now its nearly impossible for me, because I’m not allowed to spend money on this website. Unless a player sold these pets (And there going to ask for a lot, who wouldn’t?) and I was able to somehow get the currency they requested, there would be no way I could.
      As fun as getting something special and going “Woah! What will I get?” is, this doesn’t get as fun when you have to pay to get these special items every time. If I could have a chance to get some for, erm…random example here…Battling, it would be perfectly fine because the people who don’t spend have just as much of a chance as people who do spend.
      I can still play the game and have a heck of a good time doing it, yes I could! But the people who really want these items might not share the same fate.

      Though! I am indeed excited for the upcoming festival because you guys did indeed give us a heads up about the snowpets. Now I have over 200 of them, and i’m ready to start fishing for some items. I can’t wait to see what this game has to offer, and I really enjoy the community!

    • Wow. I skimmed this update and didn't read into it until now and I have to say: Shame on you guys (MODs and everyone involved in the decision-making in Furvilla) for both not listening to your playerbase, and issuing this blatant cash grab of a solution. Super disappointed...If people want to spend money on your game, that's good for you. Great, actually- FOR YOU. But not for your players :)

    • damn reading through these comments is a wild ride [eyesemoji.png]

    • Now the FD emporium pets are secured, can we maybe now just.. like.. lift the daily breeding limit?

      I mean.. wasn't it there because of the 'special pets' anyways?

    • Hyped for the serpent festival!

    • So are the weapons and helmet blueprints pictured above what are given out by the serpent in exchange for the mini-pets and weapons etc??