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Fashion Show Updates/Changes

Posted by Deinmaar on 20 Feb 2017, 10:59 pm


Hey all!
It's your big dragon Admin, Deinmaar here!

Due to users spamming the entry thread and abusing the unlimited entry allowance, we have decided to place a limit of 5 valid Fashion Show entries per person. We have deleted the old Entry thread and Discussion and Questions thread, to clean up the clutter, and made shiny brand new ones. Please choose your Painties carefully before entering to make sure that they follow one of the themes:
-Festival Wear (check out the Serpent Festival Plushies for an idea of what we're looking for)
-Gala/Formal Wear
-Quetzal Palace Costumes (Fairy, Angelic, and Galaxy)
-Quetzal Palace/Cloud/Sky

Serpent Festival Fashion Show 2.0

Fashion Show Discussion and Questions 2.0

There has also been a change in wishlist items you are allowed to use:
Your prize wish list must contain 5 different items, excluding FurDollar Emporium items, any Gembound Creation items, the Discourse Sword and Shield, Forum Vistas, and irl merchandise related items (the only exception to this is single Paintie Tickets).

We will be taking entries up through the last day of the Gala. All valid entries will be entered into the raffle and we will be drawing 20 names. Each user is only able to win once, in order to give more people a chance at winning something from their wishlist.

Good luck, my smols!

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    • oh man i really wish yall locked it for a bit before deleting, i forgot what my wishlist was

    • Krissim
      Also, thank you for first suggesting the limit. The potential abuse of entries was definitely underestimated.

    • Praise

    • Excellent changes! I'll have to make a few entries.

    • Serpents need underwear and pants. Confirmed

    • klein
      A lot of people want a specific Beta bug for their Menagerie. We feel it's fair to offer them because of this. But FD items are quite a bit different since they will still technically be available after February.

    • @Admin-Deinmaar I see a pattern here...Panties and Serpants..

    • You should have seen the one I caught right before I posted this. I typed Serpants instead of Serpents.

    • Paintie typo fixed. Fast fingers. Admin-Mat didn't catch it either when I ran it by him! Hahahah!
      My bad, you guys!

    • MariahKat i know they can be bred, but they're still beta items.. they should be retired in the sense that no more are given out, imo. especially not the SRs :/