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Let's Get Cooking!

Posted by Staff on 11 Mar 2017, 10:11 pm


Hi all, I am super excited to be here today in this lovely new News Post! Awesome things are happening and I hope you’ll stick with me through all this info because it’s going to be worth the read, I promise!

Cooking Career

It’s been in the works for a while but we are very happy to finally be releasing a new career for your Villagers to play around with. Cooking functions very similarly in mechanics to the other recipe using careers so there shouldn’t be any big surprises there. We’re hoping this will be an easy to use and fun new addition to the current Villager career set. And I am sure you’re wondering what exactly is going to happen with all this food you’ll be making...Well just keep on reading and we’ll get to all that.

Recipes and general supplies can be found in the new cooking supply shop. And of course for those village specific recipes you will need to do a bit of exploring and battling to gather important ingredients. So when you are ready to get started head on over to the Cozy Cookery and stock up!

Furvilla Feast

For those with a more competitive nature, the first function food items will have is for the Furvilla Monthly Feast! The Feast is a eating contest that will occur every month and users across the site will be working hard to reach those coveted top 10 slots. But never fear because in the end, everyone that participates will win a prize of some kind so come on and join in the fun! Check out the link below for more information and a look at the Leader Board.

The Feast

Furvilla Food Drive

The second use of the new food items is a bit more generous in nature and all about helping out your village! Donating food to the local Food Drive will earn your village points and at the end of the month, the winning village’s occupants will earn a temporary extra worker slot for the whole next month. So get involved, help out your village, donate to keep all those extra mini pets and wandering villagers fed! Click the link below to head on over to the Food Drive.

Food Drive

General Info

-Each type of food item has a different point value.
---Soup = 2 points
---Appetizer = 4 points
---Salad = 6 points
---Entree = 8 points
---Dessert = 10 points

- Food items expire 2 weeks after they are crafted (this is to discourage hoarding and to try and keep things as fair as possible)

-Feeding your villager has no effect on anything but your eating contest score, which means choosing to not feed your villagers has no ill effects on your game play. This feature is purely for fun.

-If you live in a smaller village please don’t worry about your chances of winning in the Food Drive, scoring will be influenced by populations as well to give all villages a fair shot if they work hard.

We will be shooting to have a full Knowledge Base article up for this career soon and in the meantime the Staff is always happy to do their very best to answer any questions and listen to any concerns that you may have.

Cooking Career Chat and Q&A

I hope that everyone enjoys these new additions to the site and just has a lot of fun whipping up these delicious looking dishes!

Bon Appétit

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    • What are the animals for the second feast?

    • A question if today ends the first festival will not give the Trophy, right?

  • Comment has been hidden

    • I think I'm in love.

    • Only 10 winners? That's it? Doesn't seem fair at all. Especially when its the same names who constantly win every single competition. There should be more chances to get a trophy not just 10.

    • I'm loving this new career! I wish it weren't so inherently competitive, but hopefully that's something that can be changed in the future. Otherwise, I love all the little recipes and everything. :)

      Mtrask87 recipes are found on "recipe cards," which are purchasable in the new store also! Some of them are sold for FC, others are sold for coins. Then you just click on the recipe once it's in your inventory to teach it to your cook. :D

    • I bought the stuff I could from the new store but it still says my villager doesn't know any recipes. Where can I find recipes?

    • There is so SO much attached to this addition. lol. Love the bunicakes but the one I like is the white one but fed my villager an 8 point pudding. Oh well. XD

    • I would've liked to have temporary effects for the food items and other ways to obtain the minipets. Locking the minipets behind a contest does have ill effects on some people's gameplay (being unable to collect all minipets).It's a decent career right now, but could be better. Hoping for some tweaking for this career!

    • Seconding Argent 's question about the number of bunnies gotten from feeding multiple villagers.

      Also, are they breedable? Are there any other ways (besides winning the eating contest) to get Sweeticorns?