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Battle System: Incoming Updates

Posted by Staff on 23 Apr 2017, 9:28 pm


Hello once again! Glad to be here today to bring all of you some very exciting news. It’s a long post but it’s worth a read so please bear with us on this one!

We’re hard at work with the warrior update, and while we won’t get into specifics just yet, we’d like to take this opportunity to keep everyone up to date on what to expect as we update to the new system.

Durability Information

First and foremost, durability on items is being dropped entirely for now; this doesn’t mean it won’t be back in the future with further revisions and improvements, but for the time being, it doesn’t mesh well with the new combat systems so we’re disabling it. Players will have significantly more items than previously, and be able to battle more frequently - having to constantly break up combat with repairs would be more of an encumbrance at this stage until the battle system is firmly in place and people have time to figure things out.

Naturally, we’ve thought about how to reward players who’ve spent time trying to reach insane amounts of durability on their existing weapons, and we’ve worked out a method of compensation per the following:

Items with 3x maximum durability will have one socket slot.
Items with 10x durability will have 2 sockets, if possible for that item.
Items with 50x durability will have 130% weapon grade (potency).
Items with 1000x durability will award their owners with a trophy.

The exception is Discourse items, which will always have a minimum potency of 130% as well as a single socket, with slightly higher potency based on the item’s durability.

Potency, Career Inclusions & Sockets

Now you might be wondering what potency itself represents - it’s simply a measure of how effective an item is. 100% potency indicates a standard weapon, while anything higher than that enhances the item’s power (lower numbers reduce its power). Generally speaking, any items that can no longer be obtained and are updated through this system will be the best those items can possibly be; in the case of Discourse items, the power gap between versions will be roughly 5%, so nothing tremendously significant in terms of overall power, but still definitively better than lower durability versions.

Additionally, it’s worth explaining how Blacksmiths (and Tailors, as well as Crafters, which will make items useful for warriors) will work following the update - items will be generated with a potency between 50% and 150%. You can always create items in the upper tiers, but having a higher skilled blacksmith will reduce the chances of creating lower tiered items.

Items over 140% potency will be exceptionally rare. Also, balance testing will be done with items at 100% potency; while items over this value will certainly be helpful, they won’t be strictly necessary to beat all the monsters if you equip your warriors appropriately.

Sockets are similar - occasionally, items will be found or created with socket slots for crystals which enhance those items. An item with high potency and socket slots will be particularly valuable.

And as you can see above, we haven’t forgotten about other careers, as well. Tailors and Crafters can look forward to seeing some new recipes, and Alchemists might find themselves undertaking some new work to assist Warriors.

Item Conversion & Salvage

You will not be required to convert your weapons to the new system. While you won’t be able to use them for combat if you choose not to convert them to the new system, you can keep them as trophies and trade them between players; they can be converted at any time following the update.

-Items with 3x maximum durability will have one socket slot.
-Items with 10x durability will have 2 sockets, if possible for that item.
-Items with 50x durability will have 130% weapon grade (potency).
-Items with 1000x durability will award their owners with a trophy.

Higher tiers receive what is listed and below, for example, turning in an item with 1000x durability will reward a trophy along with 130% grade weapon with 2 sockets.

As an aside, items that don’t meet your expectations, or aren’t upgrades, will be able to be scrapped with the new system. Scrapping items will give you raw materials used to craft crystals to improve your gear.

General Information

The warrior update isn’t just intended to create a more interesting battle system, but to also offer new means of progression and enhance the economy. The intention is to make existing items, like the various coins, be available in the same capacity as they currently are - but players who choose to invest heavily in their warriors and take on tougher foes may find better yields. Higher level monsters can be stronger, but not always; effectively, it’ll be risk vs. reward, with player progression essentially pushing the odds in your favor over time.

When the change is ready to roll out, Warriors will be able to store more charges, which will mean lots more available battle time. A pretty simple change, but one I think everyone should appreciate; notably, more dangerous battlegrounds may use more charges to attempt. The system will also feature various special battlegrounds - some which may only be available at certain times.

Additionally, we expect to see new abilities for warriors become available pretty regularly, so keep an eye out for them as well to keep a competitive edge!

Explore Items & Events

Soon Explorers will have a good chunk of new resources available to them; these will be exclusive to the new event system. Please note that we expect at this stage for events to begin to be cycled as to not flood the economy with specific items. We’re looking at you, Moonlit Wuff...So you can expect to see events come and go over time from this point forward.

Unfortunately, all this means that we’ll need to bring the current pool of events offline for a few days while we get everything added. The current batch of events will be offline in approximately 48 hours from this post. We cannot provide a specific time-frame for them to return, but when they do, expect to see some new interesting things!

Please note that we are currently in the process of balance testing and adding new items so there is currently no solid ETA for the update as of yet and details could change during this process. But we are really looking forward to debuting this wonderful new system!

Any questions you have regarding what is posted in this News post and what is coming for this update should be posted in the designated thread and directed at Mod-Wisteria.

Combat Update Questions

Thanks for your time!

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    • Admin-Mat

      So does this mean that the elements for the weapons are gone now?

    • @MOD-Wisteria many thanks!

    • @MOD-Wisteria oh yes please, I just looked into the item museum and found out the information regarding durability is not there anymore, I'm interested in Knotted Shield and Shield of Discourse ,would you look it up for me?

    • llZoeyll

      Should be, but it'll vary depending on the weapon. It's hard to say what the default maximum is for each weapon, but if you need to know specifics I can take a look.

    • @MOD-Wisteria I didn't quite understand the durability converting part, for example, if a weapon had a default max durability sat to 10, then 10X3=30, which means it needs to be at least 30 to grant one socket?

    • My 500 skill Blacksmith is mostly creating weapons of 70-80% potency, is 500 really a low skill level?

    • Argent

      Doesn't look like the feathered dagger can have a socket on it, which is weird - may have been an oversight on my end. I'll look at getting you a version with a socket later on today.

    • @MOD-Wisteria - I upgraded a feathered dagger to 3x durability and converted it, and it didn't get a socket.

    • Thanks, that's exactly what I was thinking of doing.