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Hey all!

Here & Happy to help! I mostly deal with reports, but feel free to contact me with any concerns/queries and I'll help as best I can!


Big thanks to Ammoth for the art!

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Thanks to Mat for this!

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    • Found a bug with Vali, the true king of wolves. I have Aeron's Fiery Kitsune equipped in my setup and somehow Vali seems to ignore the status effect of chill(makes the opponent unable to dodge). Vali is still somehow able to dodge my Qurious Blade attacks.
      Battle Screenshot

    • whenever i try to make it where two of my villagers have jobs it doesn't let me click the job, can you help me, or is it stuck like that?

    • Don't think the bubble shield works correctly. I cast the water spout in the abyss battlegrounds and the only affected by the -350 water resistance effect of the waterspout ability is only my warrior it doesn't effect the mobs for some reason.

    • I have a question, do you know if elemental damage crystals have any effect when socketed on Earthen Glaive? If it does it doesn't look like the damage is listed on the log since some of the npc in the abyss with thousands of mitigation take 1 damage even though they have 0 elemental resistance and don't see any indication of the ice or fire damage.

    • I wanted to say thank you for all your hard work on the site, also, I love your fox! So beautiful! Squee! Foxes and Wisteria are my faves and seeing them together is wonderful <3 it made my day! Hope you have a great and wonderful day as well!

    • Does damage resistance stack and does it work on elemental attacks? I have a combined total of 105% damage reduction with my current setup yet I am still able to take damage from zap and dark lightning on deadly monsters.

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    • I just wanted to pop by and say thank you for your hard work on the site! Have a happy Halloween!

    • Hi, I hate to bother you but was Agate added to Deadly Monsters as a monster? I see it in the custom items knowledgebase .... Thank you for your time!

    • ...Why do you hate the Warrior career so much? Every time you report about something Warrior-related, you sound so upset.

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