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Change Log

  • When looking at an item's Item Museum entry, there should now be a shop link if the item is stocked in the Cozy Cookery, Tourney Shop, Quest Shop, Recycling Shop, or Cottage Shop. The FDE Emporium, Fair Exchange, and town shops were already doing this. Therefore, one should be able to easy check if a particular item is for sale in any shop.

  • Ooozey Gooze is now classified as a rare item. It now also drops rarely in Wandering, Deadly, and Deadlier Monsters.

    Oasis Water is now classified as a rare item.

    Vibrant Gemstones and Dark Gemstones are now classified as uncommon items.

    Oasis Water, Vibrant Gemstones, and Emerald Feathers now drop from all Mystic battlegrounds.

    The drop rate of Dark Gemstones in all Mystic battlegrounds has been decreased.

    Haunted Dark Drax Recipe and Necromanced Dark Drax Recipe no longer drop from battlegrounds.

    Haunted Dark Drax Recipe, Necromanced Dark Drax Recipe, and Abada Recipe may now be purchased from the Cottage Shoppe.


    The following Equipment have been re-classified as Limited:

    Card-Sharp's Deck
    Risktaker's Shield
    Risktaker's Sword
    Risktaker's Coin
    Tourmaline Ring
    Imaginary Lance That Doesn't Exist


    The following items may now be asked for in Quests:

    Oozey Gooze
    Shed Antler
    Oasis Water

  • Wooden Scythe, Hammer & Axe are now uncommon.

  • Hovering over the item tag checkboxes in the item museum and stall search should give a description of what the tag means. Likewise, item tags from item information pop-ups should also give a description.

    Buffed items should now show tags for the buffs they give as well.

    As always let me know if you find any problems.

  • The water & frost mimics are no longer mimicking each other.

  • Fusion Bolt Amulet now has a chance to drop from tier 1 (level 1 - 5) battlegrounds for each village.

  • Shield Crystal: Water can now be purchased in the Valour Point Shop for 23,000 points.

  • My apologies for the brief unexpected downtime. There shouldn't be any problems, but please let me know in the Bug Report Forum if you notice and errors while browsing the site.

    There is now a link from the News page to "Polls", underneath the Change Log button. This will take you to the page showing current active polls. From that page there is now a link to "Recently Completed" polls. This will show the results for polls that have ended in the past 30 days.

  • Lisaar, The Eternal Night no longer uses Hidden Thorns.

  • Slight change to the pop-up when a Construction Worker villager crafts or repairs and item using wood. You simply need to click the desired wood type and it will automatically select the required quantity upon confirmation. You will have to use the same wood for a single project. Before there was certain situations where it wasn't allowing you to manually select the correct amount of required. Please let me know in bug report forum of any new issues!

  • From your Menagerie, there is now a button that will generate a "Missing List". What this does is shows you all the animals (male and female) that are currently absent from your Menagerie. If you click on their icon, it'll take you to the animal's Item Museum page.

    This button is where the "Checklist" would be for the other collection galleries.

    There's also been small tweak to the Checklists for the Button Book, Sticker Album, Toybox, Stone Collection, and Stamp Collection. Most notably, the items now show an image and a link to the Item Museum entry. The checkbox is now on the very left and no longer appears to be clickable, as it simply functions as an indicator that you have the item in the collection.

  • The "You Own" column in the stall search was causing lag and temporarily removed on August 6th. It has been re-implemented as an optional search parameter toggled by a "Show Owned Counts" checkbox. It, along with the Hide Expired Food checkbox has been moved into the "More Options" section of the search window. Note that searching with this checked will return only 10 items per page instead of the usual 30.

    If it is found this is still causing any kind of lag, particularly on other aspects of the site, this option will be removed. Please let me know if you notice any issues this forum thread:


  • Item Museum and Stall Search now both show a breakdown of how many of each item you have on your account. When you hover over the number, it shows you the locations where they have been tallied.

    Items in Stall Search now link to that item's museum page.

    The Item Museum now also has a checkbox for "GENERATE DO NOT HAVE LIST" which will produce a concise list of items you do not currently have. Currently, this list will generate 200 items per page while filtering out items you are in possession of.

    Here are the search locations for each item on your account:

    All items: Inventory, Storage, Stall, Gallery, Pending outgoing transfers
    Animals: Held as pet by Villager, In Stables, In Menagerie
    Outfits: Worn by villager
    Keepsakes: Worn by villager
    Buttons: In Button Book
    Stickers: In Sticker Album
    Plushes: In Toybox
    Stones: In Stone Collection
    Stamps: In Stamp Book
    House: In Villager Slot
    Pot: In Herbalist Slot
    Stable: In Husbandry Slot
    Equipment: Equipped to a Warrior
    Crystal: Socketed in an Equipment (which is subsequently in Inventory, Storage, Stall, Gallery, Transfers, or Equipped)
    Furniture: In a villager's house

    Items being crafted that are not yet claimed
    Items held by Construction Workers being repaired
    Plants/Seeds still in herbalist pots
    Unclaimed transfers
    Incompleted trades

    Please let me know if you notice any bugs or inconsistencies in the Bug Report forum.

  • Bubble shield should now correctly apply its effect on your opponent.

  • There's a bunch of new contests being hosted in the Official Contests forum! Make sure to take a look!

  • The Chubby Dragon festival prize pets were incorrectly showing as breedable. They are in fact non-breedable. So make sure you buy the Chubby Dragons you want from the Shoppe!

  • The Matsune now heals for 270 health per turn. The Matsune, Qurious Kitsune and Unicorn Kitsune are now unable to be socketed.

  • The Unicorn & Qurious Kitsunes now attack 25% of the time, up from 15%.

  • Vial of Blue Dye Recipe, Vial of Orange Dye Recipe, Vial of Green Dye Recipe, and Vial of Obsidian Dye Recipe now have a crafting time of 5 mins, reduced from 10 mins.

  • The Philosofox Stone was not showing stats correctly as a crystal. This has been corrected.

  • In the header bar you may have noticed a shield and a sword icon, which link to the Standard and Free-for-All tournies. Their icons will light up green if there is a warrior waiting in the queue.

    This should be a quick way for one to be aware if anyone else is waiting to participate in a duel.

    For those who do not wish to see these icons you can toggle off the "HEADER BAR: SHOW TOURNEY QUEUE" checkbox from your User Settings page.

    Please let me in the Bug Report forum if you notice any bugs or if the notification doesn't seem to be working correctly!


  • A bug which prevented the Foxlien Box from stocking in the FDE has been corrected.

    Aspen also messed up the changelogs, so she will be punished accordingly.

  • Earthen Slab now functions as wood. It is also now marked as a rare item, causing it to drop a little less often while exploring in all villages.

  • Fearsome Forlorn Terror now has 50 less agility.

  • The drop rate of Mythic Orbs have been drastically reduced from the Harbinger.

    Mythic Orbs have had their drop rates increased in various other high-level battlegrounds and now can also be rarely found in the following:

    Old Caves (Lv 20+)
    Grisly Manor (Lv 20+)
    Whale Watching (Lv 20+)
    Mountain's Peak (Lv 20+)
    Serpent's Head (Lv 20+)

    The above grounds may also drop a little more loot, as well as a town-specific new stamp!

  • Utility Crystal: Air and Utility Crystal: Water now have a chance to drop when crafting with the Utility Crystal Template.

    The following changes have been made to certain crystal templates:

    Utility Crystal Template
    Rusted Steel x2240 ---> Now 750
    Crystalized Tooth x960 ---> Now 500
    Silver Wrist Hook x384 ---> Now 100
    Shadow Slime x3
    10,000 FC
    800 mins ---> Now 360 mins

    Weapon Crystal Template
    Rusted Steel x700 ---> Now 625
    Crystalized Tooth x440
    Silver Wrist Hook x95
    Shadow Slime x1
    1000 FC
    220 mins

    Shield Crystal Template
    Rusted Steel x640 ---> Now 550
    Crystalized Tooth x240
    Silver Wrist Hook x64
    Shadow Slime x1
    2500 FC
    240 mins

    Ring Crystal Template and Armour Crystal Template have had no change.

  • Saryumane the Protector has had their stats drastically increased.

  • It has been decided that in addition to the villager trophy your warrior can collect for participating in the Standard Tourney, BOTH the Standard and Free-for-All tournies will also award you with an openable prize bag, called the "Big Bag o' Prizes".

    This prize be awarded at the end of all future tournies, including the ones about to end on the 15th. The prize bag can be earned in both bi-weekly tournies, so you can thus earn as many as 4 prize bags a month.

    The prize bags will generally contain some useful crafting reagents useful for the warrior career, with a small chance for something rare. Nothing in the bag is an item that cannot be obtained elsewhere on the site, however, so no worries about potentially missing out on an exclusive item.

    Prizes for both tournies will be redeemable from their respective prize logs:


    To serve as a reminder, you will now receive an automatic notification when a Tourney you participated in is complete, with a link to your earned prizes.

    Remember, you will still be eligible for a prize in this current tourney so you have a little over a day to get your 10 battles in!

  • The following items can no longer be used in standard PvP battles:

    - Most "Lance" items, excluding the unicorn lance.
    - Frost Spike Amulet
    - Prideful Peacock Foil

    Prideful Peacock Foil no longer incorrectly generates with the maximum number of sockets (but is still likely to come with many sockets).

  • Some minor text and graphic additions to the Standard and Free-for-All Tourney pages and their prize log pages have been made to clarify Valor Points per PVE battle and PVP duel, and to reflect the VP increases from previous tourneys. Note that 10 duels are required in either tourneys to achieve a ranking. Also, only the Standard Tourney will reward a participation trophy at the end of the tourney. This will be a villager trophy. The Free-for-All will no longer reward an end-of-tourney VP prize.

  • Threads have been created and stickied in the Off Topic Discussion, Off Topic Discussion (18+), and Advice Chat forums that contain a form for asking for resources regarding medical issues and wildlife. From now on it is strictly forbidden to directly ask Furvilla users for medical or wildlife advice or provide advice yourself. Please read the thread for more information.

  • The following items can no longer be used in standard PvP battles:

    Faeli's Cursed Amulet
    Festive Sword
    Kitsune Spirit Shield
    Kitsune Spirit Amulet
    The Legend's Armour

  • A new Pride Vista Contest is being hosted in the Official Contests forum! Make sure to check it out!

  • The Tourney Shop is now stocked and open! Both new and legacy items have been added! Many prices have been adjusted.

  • The following battlegrounds have been merged into a new battleground, the "Legacy Grounds":

    Novice Sparring Grounds
    The Minor Frost Ring
    Stormy Peaks
    Lone Wolves
    The Frost Ring
    Owl Conclave
    The Pride's Desert
    Dire Wolves
    Intermediate Sparring Grounds
    Owl Council
    Alpha Wolves


    Carcetus, Noble Wanderer
    - Now drops 6 Fizzle Fluff, up from 2.
    - Now has a 0.75% chance to drop Ring of Curses: Guile
    - Now has a 0.75% chance to drop Ring of Curses: Wisdom

    Esper, the Untouchable
    - Now drops 9 Fizzle Fluff, up from 3.
    - Now has a 0.75% chance to drop Lightning Blast Amulet
    - Now has a 0.75% chance to drop Lightning Storm Amulet
    - Now has a 0.75% chance to drop Lifeforce Lightning Amulet

    - Now drops 9 Fizzle Fluff, up from 3.
    - Now has a 0.75% chance to drop Spell Siphon Amulet.
    - Now has a 0.75% chance to drop Diminish Amulet
    - Now has a 0.75% chance to drop Sudden Shock Amulet

    These three enemies appear 3/2/2% of the time in the Legacy Grounds.

    Blessing of the Storm has been added to the Valour Point shop for 500 points.
    Fizzle Fluff can now be purchased from the Valour Point shop for 50 points.


    Arnoth, Fusith, Lycanthrope and Pumpkin (Owls Conclave) have had their stats drastically reduced.

    All owls now drop an Owl Feather 1.2% of the time.

    Feathery Designs has been added to the Valour Point shop for 220 points.
    Owl Feather can now be purchased from the Valour Point shop for 2100 points.


    Drops rates are otherwise maintained by their specific NPCs. Pending feedback, we may adjust the stats downwards for higher tiered enemies, and upwards for weaker ones to noramlise the difficulty for the battleground.

    Currently, the following monsters have an increased appearance rate (2% in lieu of 1%):

    Rowan, Thatcher, Kyla, Emma, Moonlight, Luci, Sophie, Peaches, Siru, Siobahn.

    There is a 5% chance you'll run into a mimic instead of a normal enemy.


    Oasis water drops doubled.


    Universal Drops:

    Mystery Kitsune Bag

    Frost Elemental Drax
    Flame Heart Elemental Drax
    Dark Orchid Mystic Kitsune
    Star Guardian Mystic Kitsune

    1-4 Chocolate Candycorn
    10-60 FurCash
    Super Sky Rock


    Super Sky Rock is now common & has no inherent function.

  • - Wandering Monsters I and Wandering Monsters II have been condensed and renamed to Skittering Monsters.

    - Wandering Monsters III and Wandering Monsters IV have been condensed and renamed to Wandering Monsters.

    - Deadly Monsters has had its drop rates increased and item pool expanded.

    - Abyss now requires 3 charges to enter, but has had its drop rates increased and item pool expanded. Village specific items and cooking ingredients have been removed.

    - Deadlier Monsters has had its drop rates increased and item pool expanded.

  • The following battlegrounds will be going offline for a little bit shortly after midnight for a little spring cleaning and drop rate adjustment.

    Wandering Monsters I
    Wandering Monsters II
    Wandering Monsters III
    Wandering Monsters IV
    Deadly Monsters
    Deadlier Monsters

    We will have them back up and running asap!

  • A quick buff to the Unicorn Lance:

    - It now has 3 charges, up from 2.
    - It now provides 12 endurance, up from 6.
    - It now provides 170 to all resistances, up from 100.
    - It now provides 1 agility, up from 0.

  • Reminder: the Serpent Festival will close at 11:59 tonight!

    - You will no longer be able to give offerings to the Serpent
    - Festival-themed battlegrounds will no longer be available
    - The Mysterious Pink Supply Sack will no longer be available from the Cottage Shop
    - The festival's stone explore event will end
    - Serpent's cake recipe will have its crafting time increased to balance it with other food recipes
    - Earthen Slabs will revert to uncommon rarity
    - Bashful Blossoms will revert to rare rarity

    The Gala shop will remain open until the end of the day on April 20th.

    - This year's festival-themed pets will be able to breed until April 20th
    - 100 breeding turns per account will remain in effect until the end of the day on April 20th
    - You may convert feathers to points until the shop closes
    - Please remember to spend those points before the shop closes, as Serpent Festival points do not carry over from year to year

    If you participated in this year's event, be sure to claim your trophy from the Gala before it closes on April 20th!

  • You can now search by item rarity in the item museum and stalls. You can also specifically search for animals by species rarity and/or color rarity.

    As always, please report any discovered bugs in the bug report forum!

  • Some small changes. Please let me know if the bug report forum if you notice any related problems!

    - only staff or owner of a villager can now view a villager's career logs
    - anyone can see a villager's career achievements, but only their owner sees the "Claim Achievement" buttons

    - when scrapping equipment, if it happens to also be an animal (such as Battle Moo), the scrap results will now correctly be based on its species rarity, not its color rarity. Like all equipment, it will prompt you if it is Limited rarity

  • The Quetzal Friends Stone explore event now should appear more often when exploring. You are also a bit more likely to get a stone from your chosen path.

    Earthen Slabs and Bashful Blossoms are now classified as common items, which should cause them to drop more often when exploring. This classification may revert after the festival concludes.

    White Fabric and Dynamite are now 25 furgems in the recycling shop, down from 70 and 75 respectively.

    Shamrocks are now always worth 25 furgems when recycled, whether they are currently dropping or not. Reminder - Shamrocks will continue to drop until the end of March 31st.

  • All festival bosses have had their core stats drastically reduced.

  • Serpent Statue of Wind now has considerably less stats, but slightly more health.

  • Some changes to the Villagers list from player profile page:
    - villager info should no longer overlap if they have names several lines long
    - icons marking villagers that have pets, or are participating in this month's Tourney and/or Feast appear below villager names. This is mostly information previously only visible in the "Villagers" tab
    - clicking on the career title below villagers now links you directly to their career page

    Misc minor aesthetic changes:
    - Bananny Candy Recipe slot in the kitchen shop no longer looks ridiculous
    - various shops should all have item slots that are of consistent size

    As always, please let me know in bug report forum if any of these changes have caused bugs!

  • Owls & Wolves are now available.

  • Scrapping odds have been slightly tweaked to drop more loot.

    Reminder! The Oracle Valentine's Day explore event will end at midnight FVT tonight.

  • Little Pink Birthday Items and Magic Pisces Sticker are all now available in the Fur Dollar Emporium!

  • Frost Ring & Stormy Peaks are now available. The Pride's Desert & Challenger battlegrounds remain open as well.

  • Within battle, the "Flee" button has been moved up to the same horizontal level as the "Pass" button.