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User ID: #103269
Username: WaveringHeart
Gender: Exhausted
Last Online: 18 Feb 2020, 11:43 am
Registered: 18 Aug 2017, 2:54 pm

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Villager careers for when i change them during events;
Venus - blacksmith
Pigeon - crafter
Linnaeus - explorer
Kallan - explorer
Roilei - explorer
Lorelei - warrior
Siphull - herbalist
Wavering - tailor
Psiasam - Animal husbandry
Pan - alchemist


I just... Need coffee, okay?

Name's Nancy, I'm tired all the time, run off being busy 24/7 and am trying to get my scyllas more traffic (siphull). I'm gay, furry, trash with a passion for foxes and making things.
Planning on making a coffee maker out of lightbulbs (I'll start a forum for that eventually).
I'm otherkin, akvolan to be exact (hard to explain) but to put it simply; a semi-aquatic shapeshifter. I also enjoy things like;

My scyllas are a closed species, but the base to make your own is only $1 so just start a pm if you want one, I'll link my paypal. If you want me to do a paintie, I'm gonna need $0.10 befoew i start because i don't truat myself enough to do redraws on my phone. No fee if it's only a redraw. My drawing tablet cord is missing and so is my computer charger.

I'm usually open to chat so just pm me if you wanna talk about stuff; it can be about anything. I also have social media if you wanna follow those, just pm me.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, i don't bite. I just don't publicly share answers so PLEASE pm me.

19 (July 4) || ♋Cancer♋ || pansexual|| furry || otherkin || artist

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    • I didn't knew, thank you :3

    • I dropped them because I keep getting males and I ran out of potions ;-;

    • We actually have a pitcher version of that filter but it....Isn't helping. Whatever is in it rn won't filter out. And boiling it makes it taste worse because as water evaporates out and concentrates whatever unholy substance is in the water- We're gonna go complain to town hall tomorrow though, they usually give out water cases-- This town has a history of bad water and literally have cases sitting around just in case. It's a mess. And illegal. My town is lovely lol.

    • thank you for the house!

    • Omg you've really overdone it this time thanks a lot ! :)) if there's anything I can do for you let me know, friend <3

    • Thanks <3

    • I'm happy it made your day well Im gonna go back to my uselessness with extra salt ^^ ( I noticed ( jsyk it can have 2 tails just not two of the same tails ) ) #Nolife #Roadkill #T-T

    • !!! Oh I hope you had an enjoyable first event either way! Glad I was able to help :^) And don't even worry about completing minipet sets, it's such a costly and big task, so many people have trouble with it too! It's gonna take lots of time and cash P:

    • Thank you so much for the dirty phoenixes! I can't thank you enough!

    • May I ask who made it and if you have a link? If it’s a personal thing then you don’t have to, it’s just an amazing illustration!

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