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User ID: #105660
Username: Ziriza
Gender: she/they/whatever
Last Online: 16 Nov 2019, 6:39 pm
Registered: 6 Oct 2017, 6:11 pm

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8/20/2018 | by the way thanks bee fairy anon for the medicine!!! i was about to make the medicine i needed but i will use this instead i appreciate it :D
10/28/2018 | thanks umbre fairy for the spoopy ticket! really need em right now XD

also i dont really care about what pronouns you use just whatever you want girl or boy or they/them this is a website so it doesnt matter that much but i am a girl biologically
by atilla (I didn't know where to put the kitty so I put it here :P)
by Sinfulnature
(again no idea where to put that so bleh)

*If you see something in my stall you want but can't afford or can't buy because it's not on sale send a PM :D I'm okay if you wanna haggle or ask me to trade something to you instead

ok i give up on the background sojust??? i'm sorry if the text is hard to read
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    • Thank you for the medicine! <3 I hope you get yourself a paintie ticket!

    • thank :3c neat lookup btw

    • yep :3

    • Thanks for your comment on Vani! You're villagers are cute too! I especially love Elliot!

    • Aww thank you for the house !!

    • thanks and well if ya ever need help with the warrior just lemme know? may not be of much use but ive collected quite a few weapons and shit

    • Thanks for the driftwood and rope.

    • oo thank you for the extra sail fabric :o

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