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더는 센 척하지 마라

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    • What is this "Pokemon"? It sounds amazing

    • am lov u <33

    • Aaa thank you :D
      I'm really glad you liked them, thanks for asking me and letting me be a nerd, haha!

    • I hope those were cool (like the stars, eyy) and not super obvious! ^^;

    • Oh sweet heck yeah man!Imma give you two because you're the first to ask that :D
      So, first of all, comets are awesome, right? Really pretty, really nice. I'm not sure how many people know this, so it might be obvious and I'm dumb, but comets have their own atmospheres! As most people know, the comet's center is basically ice.. The closer to the sun a comet gets, that ice converts into a gas and surrounds the nucleus, causing a thin atmosphere, which is also called a coma!
      Second, there are stars known as y dwarfs. They are specifically named that for scientists to classify stars that are colder than usual. Basically, some of these suns are about 68 degrees fahrenheit, or 20 degrees celsius. These stars are called "failed" stars (same though) because they're too small to fuse atoms, and instead of blazing with fire (and rage probably), they just cool down until only very little light shines. Still not as cold as my soul though :'D

    • n ya

    • big dreams wow
      good luck!

    • whoah t h ats alot of villagers

    • how can you afford all of those villagers lmao

    • Hi!! Thanks for your comment on Aaron burr sir ! Your painties are all so pretty!
      (And hi from a fellow pokékin)

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