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User ID: #137352
Username: Amaya_Moon
Gender: Female
Last Online: 7 Apr 2020, 10:57 pm
Registered: 15 Jun 2019, 9:44 pm

Profile description


Hello, my name is Amaya and I'm 14 years old I love drawing, singing, and making people happy. I love furries so much when I'm old enough I will go to a convention with a furry suit. My birthday is on April 5, 2005. I love cookies and other sweets I also love anima. I"m the creator of the species Ferpenline. And last thing Night is my official Fursona
suqarmilk is my "Sister"

Wishlist said:
-paintie ticket
-paintie tickets
-Magic Cloud Dragon Sticker
-Art trade

Goals said:

-give all my characters a place here
-get everything on my wishlist
-uploaded all vista I made

To-do said:
-Get all the free art has done with
-Save enough money to buy an IPad for my drawing

Background/logo by: Teatower
plush animation By: Galaxywolf269

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Comments 56

    • again, thank you so much for the free paintie ticket! if you ever want anything in return don't hesitate to ask! ;;A;; now i can finally upload another paintie! <333

    • :3 TY, I figured I should at least offer her to you first since you own the species

    • I personally don't feel like I'll be able to give her the love she deserves, so you can keep her. If not, I'll probably pay the 100k for the "snat+ other species" trait and sell her in my adopt shop

    • OwO I personally did it out of boredom and don't intend to keep her... However since she's a fusion, I do suppose I owe 100k for the design, right? (You can also keep them if you like her...)

    • I made a fusion thing with the Snats and my Glass Roses, not sure what to do with her:

    • Wait, I just realized that you're five days older than I am n_n

    • Sorry, it was meant to be "YW, as in you're welcome.. Your profile css makes it impossible to see what I have types until I post lol. (But your css is very cute!!)

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