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User ID: #13767
Username: Meezerqueen
Gender: Agender/Female
Last Online: 26 Jun 2020, 10:02 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 8:05 pm

Profile description

I'm currently 32 years old, physically disabled, chronically ill, and genderfluid. I respond to they/them or she/her pronouns!

Likes: Cats, birds, dogs, all animals in fact, good food, most music, art, Transformers, Mega Man, robots, psychology, biology
Dislikes: oyster on the half shell, waking up before 7AM, high places, sticky textures

Other fandoms: Steven Universe, Pokemon, DragonBall/Z/Super, King of Fighters, Ace Attorney, NCIS, Supernatural

Favorite Transformers: G1 Prowl (both the cartoon and IDW comics versions), IDW G1 Pharma, Starscream across all continuities, Soundwave across all continuities. IDW G1 Amp/Kaon, IDW G1 Forestock/Vos.

Favorite Robot Masters: Metal Man, Tornado Man, Stardroid Jupiter, Stardroid Pluto

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    • I second that. I'm not feeling the best right now either. Lets just hope we can both get better sooner than later

    • Ooof, that mustn't be good. You keep resting, furries aren't important right now

    • Hello again! Its been a bit! How have you been?

    • I w i l l k i l l y o u :b: r o t h e r. Y o u w i l l b e d e a d e r t h a n m e a t t h e s u m m e t o f A p o c r a p h a (i think i spelled that right) And that's cool! I haven't thought about making a Star-Trek fanfic (only a few bad ones I've come up with with the help of thisperson10 )

    • Hmm, fuck... I forgot his name too, although I think it had something to do with... Hell, I don't fucking have a clue. Wait, I remember! His name was Nortoc! And don't hurt me, I am stalking your conversation ;-; Don't kill me

    • Aww, that's nice of you ^^. It also gives me a connection to my dad. (also I created a joke klingon, but I forgot what his name was. He was a super techy geek who was secretly plotting with the Romulans and the Vulcans. Cursed, I know)

    • Yeah, I hope so too, mice are irritating.And its cool that you like DS9, too! I didn't think you watched Star Trek



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