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    • I actually have a species in the works that is a combination of a hummingbird moth, a dog, and a sheep. I really like the other bug ideas, I’m really intrigued by the celerio sister caterpillar.

    • Ooooo I'm ready for when that's opened. For insect suggestions.... Weird: giraffe weevils, cork-headed ants, celerio sister caterpillars Elegant: hummingbird moths, green dragontail butterflies Cool: giant water bug, cuckoo wasp, vampire moth

    • Eteriasaibo forum now active! I happily welcome all new Eterians with open wings!

    • Your welcome! I just got a new warrior so I was in need of equipment.

    • Thanks for the equipment purchase! <3

    • You’re welcome!

    • Thanks For The Tip Your Very Kind! ^w^

    • Thanks, im still writing a big ol’ book of lore but I plan on releasing the species soon. (School kinda kills my time) The first event will definitely be a myo event for the mantis along with a raffle for a rose mantis.

    • I remember seeing a thread about floral mantises a while ago. I saw you put everything about your world into one thread. I'll check it out when I get home later tomorrow as I'm currently away stuck using only my phone. What I can do is limited.

    • Hello, Lucky here!
      I just recently started my own original species list along with planet and lore. It’s currently still in the works but I update it pretty often. If anyone wants to keep up to date with it or wants more information, you can hopefully find the posts I’ve made on furvilla under a title with (Eteriasaibo) the planets name in it. Feel free to check it out!
      - Lucky Midas Koi

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