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User ID: #172531
Username: -TheBananaCat-
Gender: Female
Last Online: 18 Sep 2020, 11:33 pm
Registered: 17 Feb 2020, 9:40 am

Profile description

credit to TropicalDeer for the F2U profile! :)

*name: Cat*
*other names: Banana, Floof, Coco, Craft*
*age: under 18*
*gender/sexuality: straight but allied female*
*likes: musicals, the anthro animals, animals, sugar, dogs, tea*
*dislikes: school, my procrastination, loosing focus all the time, social anxiety, my hoarding problem*
*hobbies: theatre, drawing, playing furvilla, sleeping, exploring places, singing*
Sup, I'm cat! Feel free to PM if you're interested in art trades, art commissions, character commissions, trading, negotiating stall prices, or being friends <3

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    • I could probably scrape that, do any of my menagerie or plushies interest you? I can also offer morphing potions

    • Can I buy all of them? If so, what is your lowest price in fc?

    • Hi! Do you have any soups you'd sell? <3

    • Hi! Do you have any soups you'd sell? <3

    • Hi! I noticed you were buying a lot of medicine recipies/medicine from my stall- I can give those to you for free if you're hoarding them.

    • Thank you so much for showing meee!! <3

    • I also play a ton of other games.

    • Ooooh! What would you like for them? I can do art, or I have 31,081 FC and 8 FD to spare.

    • Idk, what items would you be referring to? I'm actually in the middle of updating it.

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