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User ID: #18611
Username: MariahKat
Gender: Female
Last Online: 22 Jan 2019, 2:56 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 1:54 am


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Super inactive due to a dying computer i can't replace any time soon.

IGNORE THIS I'm just taking notes

Need to fight for...

Sparring grounds: uralyl's wand of eternal flames
Alpha Wolves: Drained amulet

26 / Taken by Kodaleafeon / Toyhouse

profile under construction...forever lol

If I ever draw art for you, post it anywhere you want. No need to ask. Just credit me pls.

My homevillage will always be Dragonsmaw, I'm just Traveling for seeds and equips.

Edgy rock noises
Wishlist said:

For my gallery

Villagers 73

Comments 267

    • Also i got a new item from clawtooth... in an explore event he's just there and you have the option to turn around or go to him then he says iif you want a cookie, theres the take the cookie, the nah im keepin my diet and the "I AM A FRIEND OF CLAWTOOTH" option

      here is the item

    • gotta love the edgy rock golem on your profile fam o7

    • So how long have you been hoarding all those? :p
      I mean, 50-ish pages is rather impressive like 10 days after the start I have to say.

      (this is meant with 100% sincerity, I'm legit curious. Never a person to complain about more free stuff either ;D)

    • What is up with all the freaking ice swords???

    • Where did you get so many ice swords???? lmaooo

    • Thanks for adding all that to the giving tree, it will be quite useful for me!

    • Whyyy?? What's the mission?

    • Are you okay...? You've got a lot of ice swords...

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