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Username: lunalonewolf
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    • I draw all of the painties myself

    • I get a pixel effect by making the lineart for my painties in MS Paint at their final size (using the curved line and pencil tools), and then taking it into photoshop for color and shading, using the pencil tool and dissolve effects. So... I guess it's not really a pixel effect so much as just straight up pixel art lol

    • For the pixel-y effect, I'd draw the paintie in a small canvas (100x100 to 200x200 px big) and then resize the image (usually to 2x the original size) after I'm done with the pic! For example: the original size of PI-27-X [http://www.furvilla.com/villager/277512] is actually 120x175 px! Hope that helps!

    • Arkane's tail is really long, that's where it comes in.

    • I didn't want to derail op's post anymore than it already has been but I blew up the photos for reference and they just both look like normal mimikyu.

      And trust me, I would not be helping out snowflake if I thought they did, I just think most people like mimikyu, and it may have been inspired by it, who knows, but I don't think it was stolen .

    • ok????? your point?

    • you dont have a moth paintie o-o

    • Thanks so much for replacing my smashed lantern!

    • thank you so much! <3

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