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User ID: #5042
Username: lunalonewolf
Gender: Female
Last Online: 18 Jan 2022, 12:55 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 1:58 pm

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    • I'm a sucker for throwing that drop shadow effect on quick shapes to make stuff look like cute paper cut-outs without much effort. XD <33 I'm just sad I forgot Keira's flower~

    • Haha she's livin' in a colorful wonderland. XD <3
      Aww I'm happy you liked yours enough to make it your current userpic! *-*

    • Aww, thank you for the art of Mozza! She looks super cute and happy, so I think it's great. x] <3333

    • It's great! >w< It sounds crazy but I never imagined Kare in a feral form even though she's y'know, a cat? But it's so obvious and cute and great, haha.

    • Thank you for the doodle of Kare in the draw the villager above you game! I actually love it a ton~! >w<

    • Ah I was wondering, do you know how to get the shifty morphing potion? I figured I'd ask you since your legit the only person I know and I figured you might know XD I at some point wanna get a shifty and make a painty for it *I'll also have to get a ticket lol* but I wasn't sure how to get the recipe for that potion, I don't actually know where to get any of the special villager recipes other than Gembounds lol, I've seen it in he stalls for really expensive but I wasn't sure how to get it otherwise Incase it's cheaper another way haha, plus if I had the recipe I could make it myself XD *sorry for blabbering*

    • Tks for your suggestion

    • You're very welcome! :D

    • Ah I wanna say thank you sooo much for the stuff you sent! That was super sweet!<3 I was gonna send a message in the trade but I have no idea how to do that or if I even can lol

    • yes hi hello.

      I saw(and responded) to your post in the Paintie Waiting Room .. I was wondering if you'd ever consider selling him to me? Or maybe a villager trade?

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